Thugs Rob Williamsburg Jeweler Of $1 Million


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aaa.gifThe NY Post reports the following:

A Brooklyn jeweler was kidnapped on New Year’s Eve by two gun-toting thugs who forced him to drive to his warehouse, then grabbed more than $1 million worth of jewelry.

The diamond and gold dealer was driving along Williamsburg Street and Wythe Avenue at about 6:30 p.m. when the thieves flagged him down and asked for directions to the Brooklyn Bridge. He said he didn’t recognize them, but it seemed clear they knew exactly who he was.

As he gave directions to one of the men, the accomplice jumped into his car, brandishing a gun. In an instant, both crooks were inside the car and holding a gun to Berkovits’ head, he said. They ordered him to go to the headquarters of his jewelry importing company at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, about a mile away. Once there, they looted his business, making two trips to the car to load up more than a million in jewelry, the NY Post said. Berkovitz didn’t give cops a more precise estimate because he would need an exact figure for insurance purposes. They then dropped off the stunned businessman on Clinton Avenue.

Berkovits said that there are video cameras near his office, but it’s unclear if cops can recover images from the tapes.

(NY Post / Lipas / YW-88)


  1. Oh my! B”H he came out alive! I hope he gets his millions back!

    P.S. if you don’t mind, i rather not have a gun pointing at me when i open yeshiva world. It’s not a very welcome reception. ty

  2. We need to loosen up gun control so that someone who makes his parnassa in a way so he is able to be a big nadvan is able to do so and safety.

    And I agree with “ayiddele”. Who needs such a picture on such a choshuve website.

  3. i agree with neve aliza.
    i can’t believe one saw the 2 men going in his office twice to load the car with suspicous loot?! a lot of facts, dont make 100% perfect sense. we need so re-reporting.

  4. Nu, it sounds a little fishy… but the proper thing to do, the Chofetz Chaim would tell us, would be exactly that: play dumb! That is to say, dumb in its archaic meaning of mute – don’t say anything!

  5. OK, I;m confused

    2 trips and only ~$1M
    be dan l’kaf zechus

    what are we supposed to dan l’kaf zechus for:
    that the jewelry was of very low value so it took alot of loot to get to the $1M – thus 2 trips, or
    the jewelry was high value, but very heavy and bulky – thus 2 trips?

  6. ayiddele, why is it surprising to you that nobody saw these two gunmen? Storage houses are not usually in a busy area with people around. Also, #1 and #2, I think that the moving picture of the moving gun is kinda cute.

  7. No, you are not obligated to “play dumb”. You are obligated not to think at all about it! It is none of our bussiness and as long as we are not investigators of the insurance company, we should just keep out of it!

  8. mdlevine (#9)
    Not sure what you’re confused about. The halacha is that you’ve gotta be dan lekaf zechus. Pick either of your 2 scenarios – doesn’t really matter which. Or, it may have been a third scenario that neither of us can think of. Whatever the case, just assume this guy did no evil unless proven otherwise.

  9. good grief, charlie brown — the “dan l’kaf zechus” is going on the one who was robbed, not the robbers. people were making insinuations against him. (I was trying to inject a little humor into the post)


  10. mdlevine, (14)
    Being that I usually agree with the your posts, I had a gut feeling that you were trying to be humorous, but just didn’t get the joke. Sorry. Its been a loooong week. 😉