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CIA Investigated Whether Hitler YM’S Survived WWII And Moved To Columbia

According to newly-declassified CIA documents, the United States investigated whether Hitler was alive in Colombia in the mid-50s. An informant told agents that the Nazi leader was alive and living in the South American country under a new identity. The source, codenamed Cimelody-3, also revealed that a former SS soldier, Phillip Citroen, had been in contact with the Führer in the city of Tunja.

“According to Citroen, the Germans residing in Tunja follow this alleged Adolf Hitler with an idolatry of the Nazi past, addressing him as Elder Fuhrer and affording him the Nazi Salute and storm-trooper adulation,” the document said.

Hitler, who would have been 66 at the time, was said to have worked as a shipping company employee before fleeing to Argentina.

The report states: “Citroen commented that inasmuch ten years have passed since the end of World War II, the Allies could no longer prosecute Hitler as a criminal of war.”

Declassified documents indicate that although agents did not take the claim seriously, they did receive a photo of the man who had a striking resemblance to the German dictator.

A photograph purportedly of Citroen with the man he claimed was Hitler is attached to the document, inscribed on the back with the words “Adolf Scrittelmayor, Tunga, (sic) Colombia, 1954”.

The document remarks: “Neither Cimelody-3 nor this Station is in a position to give an intelligent evaluation of the information and it is being forwarded as of possible interest.”

A second document dated 17 October 1955 also references Citroen and his claim he met the man calling himself Hitler in Tunja, Colombia, “which is, according to the source, overly populated with former German Nazis”.

It goes on to say: “According to Citroen, the Germans residing in Tunja follow this alleged Adolf Hitler with an ‘idolatry of the Nazi past, addressing him as der Fuhrer and affording him the Nazi salute and storm-trooper adulation.’”

Thousands of Nazis are believed to have fled to South America after the Second World War, including many senior members of Hitler’s team.

Most historians do however believe that Hitler shot himself in the head in his bunker in Berlin while his wife Ava Braun killed herself with cyanide.

Their bodies were then doused in petrol and burned in a garden outside.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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