Giuliani To Florida Jews: I’m Your Mensch


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rudy.jpgA WCBSTV / CBS 2 HD report: Just six days before Rudy Giuliani has his moment of truth. He’s banked just about his entire run for president on the Florida primary next Tuesday.

CBS 2 HD has been the only local news station on the campaign trail with Giuliani. The former New York City mayor told us Wednesday he is hoping that Jewish voters – many of them former New Yorkers – can help save his campaign.

To listen to the people on 41st Street in Miami Beach, you’d think there was only one man running for president.

“Rudy Giuliani!” one Hasidic man yelled to CBS 2 HD cameras.

Said another voter: “I would love to have Giuliani.”

He is down in the polls, running out of cash and losing momentum to his challengers. A just releaed St. Petersburg Times poll has Giuliani in third place in Florida, 10 points behind leader John McCain. But in this largely Jewish neighborhood, where former New Yorkers abound, the former mayor is still the main man.

“I think Florida might be the turning point for Giuliani and I’m hoping it will be,” Republican voter Tammy Friedman said.

Stumping in Estero Wednesday, Giuliani made a pitch to all recent transplants to what’s often called New York’s sixth borough.

“We need your help whether you’re from New York or Florida or California or New Jersey, or where, Connecticut or New Hampshire? Wow this is a multi-American group from Florida,” Giuliani said.

Professor Ira Sheskin is an expert on the Jewish vote here.

“We have about 600,000 Jews, 250,000 of whom were born in the state of New York, most of whom were there when Giuliani was mayor,” Sheskin said.

A poll last year showed that Giuliani was more popular among Jewish voters than any Republican in the race. However, times have changed, and he can’t take things for granted any more.

You could tell from a walk on the beach that McCain may be Giuliani’s biggest threat to his Jewish support.

When asked whom she is voting for, Republican voter Stacy Lovett said, “McCain, because he’s honest and he’s truthful.”

McCain has Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman stumping for him, and he’s enormously popular here. But Giuliani is working hard to keep his fan base here. And he clearly has fans.

“He’s very pro-Israel,” voter Moshe Bagley said. “I’d certainly vote for him.”

Giuliani has had a hard time getting attention this week, something that used to be easy for him back at CIty Hall.

His last, best chance will likely come Thursday at the final Republican debate.

We’ll see if he finally turns on his rivals to help save his campaign.

(Source: CBS 2 HD / WCBSTV)


  1. Rudy has shown us that he will not play the political correctness game.

    he threw ARAFAT out

    ripped up a 10,000,000 check from the Saudi’s

    vote rudy and he will prevail

  2. Just so that the oilam understands how it works…
    If Rudy wins Florida, which candidate is leading in the Republican race? Thats right, Guliani.

    To become the winner of the Rep race, you have to get the most delagates. Each state offers up a different number of delegates. The State of FL has more delegates than the previous 7 States combined!! If Rudy takes FL, he is not only still in the race, but he is leading the race.

    Perfect world: Rudy-Huck on the same ticket.

    Go Giants!!

  3. Rudy is a tied for a distant third/fourth with Huckabee. Romney and McCain are far ahead of Rudy in the poll released today.

    Once he loses Florida, his campaign is finished.

    Romney is the only good choice.

  4. Joseph,

    first of all what do polls have to do with it? are you voting for the best person or the person you think will win? this is not a horse race!
    besides hillary was down double digits in a few polls against Obama and beat him in those primaries,so what do polls know any how.
    2nd – how can someone like you NOT vote for Guiliani, especially after all he has done for the Jewish community while Mayor. he is honest and a REAL friend of ours.

    Last, you like Romney!? You must be joking.

    Vote for Guiliani who is by far the best canidate and not your ‘horse’ Romney cause some poll has him up.

  5. Romney 08! He is not the anti chabad choice though, because in his religion speech he called for more religion in the public eye, such as “public nativity scenes, and public MENORAHS”!

  6. I know Guiliani personally. I worked in his first Mayoral campaign. I thought he was a conservative Republican who would support family values and bring law and order to a City that had become HefKer under the incompetent Mayor Dinkins.

    Well, Guiliani did, indeed, make “the trains run on time,” but he turned out to be a big disappointment on family values, supporting the lowest, most immoral elements of our society with special privileges at the expense of decent family people.

    He was personally nasty, too, to some of his closest advisers and supporters. When he felt that they had outlived their usefulness, he did not hesitate to toss them out, like a squeezed-out lemon.

    Guiliani a Mensch?–Don’t make me laugh!

  7. Joseph:

    think about the end facts:

    lets say Romney wins the republican primary’s!

    do you really think he stands a chance of wining against Hillary?

    dont think so!

    Rudy wil get votes from both sides and besides right now i’m more concerned about security and knowing Rudy has not played the political gain mind game in the past and stood up for us in the past guess what, thats what we need.

    someone strong and mighty strong.


    I dont know if you did work on his first compaighn or not.

    that said:

    put all your personal thoughts away for now and look whos the best person that can beat hilary cause ultimatly if she wins we are in deep trouble.

    you said Rudy has an attitude problem etc.

    was rude to his employees!!!!

    hmmmmm I want you to watch our current mayor bloomberg, yikes hes nice on TV but will raise hell if you don’t do it his way.

    I like Bloomberg for he continued on the legecy of RUDY with how he handled the city but still has an attitude except he keeps it out of the camara’s view.

    Folks, for all of you who want to know a bit about RUDY’s accomplishments.

    he took a city that was high on crime and brought it down to one of the lowest digits ever,

    brought the city’s welfare down to nothing and taking those on welfare only to have them work and give hope to those unfort.

    he brought business back to NY making it the #1 tourist spot in the world

    I agree with you that RUDY is a liberal republican and I would never support him otherwise

    the fact remains, that he is only one who has stood up to the arabs and muslims who have tried kissing up to us.

    he threw arafat out and ripped a check for 10,0000,000 dollars from the Saudi’s.

    hes been tough on security

    give me one candidate who has this to back him up

    Romney,Huckaby……dont think so

    we need a leader who will and has a past to back him up with

    if RUDY wins florida he will be the leading candidate

    besides for all of you who are still worried about voting for a liberal candidate!!!!

    he made a promise to us, he will nominate only pro-life judges to the supreme court.

    Rudy has said a lot of things and has come forward with it,

    Do you beleive him! I sure do


    We Jews operate differently from gentiles. We try to see what HaShem wants when we make a decision as to who will lead our country.

    A well-known political axiom is “Policy is People,” meaning that the policies you get from Government are inseparably related to the people who lead and staff it.

    Guiliani is a morally corrupt individual, and– more importantly–he supports the corruption of this country’s morality big time. This is a family website, so I will spare you all the gory details. Check it out yourself.

    If, C”V, he is elected, he will take this country further down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah.

    How do you expect this country to be worthy of HaShem’s blessing with such a low-life individual at its head?

    The only candidate that is worth considering–in both parties–at this point is Mike Huckabee. He is a smart, decent, G-D-fearing man, and he stands an excellent chance of defeating either Hillary or Osama/Obama.

  9. Joseph

    you just dont get the point.

    mike will loose against hilary big time

    I never said that mike is not good sure he is.

    Do you want to dissappont hashem electing a currupt hilary as president

    didnt think so

    we have to look whos most electable and whos had a proven track record.

    oh and regarding rudy’s curruptness hmmmmmmmmm on to mention

    regarding his 2nd wife and that he dated her way before he got devorced hmm i know plenty in our communitty so please dont come to me with such not so good points.

    BTW, I would of never voted for rudy for president if I knew we had a real conservitive who stands a chance against hilary.

    mike or romney dont stand a chance so get your facts straight

    oh do you forget who stood up for us in after the CH riots and had yankels murdere arrested!!!!

    who fought for israel!!!!!

    you ought to rethink your position cause if you vote for mike Huk or romney we will be getting a president “what words did you use before”

    How do you expect this country to be worthy of HaShem’s blessing with such a low-life individual at its head

  10. I agree with deepthinker, who said it best. Guiliani is a morally corrupt individual unworthy of any decent mans vote. Period.

    He is personally corrupt, pro-abortion, illegal immigration supporting, feigele loving person.

    As Attorney General, where he can accomplish his strengths as a prosector and justice enforcer, I’d say perhaps. As President I’d say certainly not.

    As a matter of political reality, Guiliani has no chance of winning the Republican primaries. He is probably finished Tuesday night, after Florida defeats him, but may linger on through Super Tuesday. Huckabee (who is soft on crime and an economic and foreign policy liberal) also has no realistic chance.

    Now that Thompson has bowed out, its a Romney-McCain contest, and Romney is the best man.

  11. “Romney is the only good choice.”

    If you like a poitician who talks out of two diff. sides of his mouth.

    Huckabee is the only good choice! If you want reform in washington hes your man. (and that seems to be the theme of this election)

    Who said what: Alot of poeple can beat Hilary now, shes not invincible anymore!

    P.S. Vote for Huckabee (and donate a couple of dollars! – I did)

  12. romney is a little to of a religous type, mccain is old and guliani has health conditions!!! can’t wait to see who wins these elections-im getting the feeling united states is in for trouble- besides the fact were already in trouble!(eg. iraq, recession, health care, terrorist threats………)

  13. JOSEPH:



  14. deepthinker, I too thought I liked Huckabee due to hois ostensibly ”conservative” credentials, when he first became a serious contender. But later as his record became analyzed more deeply, it was apparent that he had a troubling record, from a conservative point of view. His record on tax raises is bad. His record on criminals is soft. And there are other areas (i.e. illegal immigration), but those two alone are more than sufficient for a conservative to keep away from him. Most of his conservative supporters are people who know he was a pastor and talks the religous talk (which is all nice and dandy), and they just don’t look at the issues with him past that.

    Now Romney is far from a tzaddik. But he is the best of whats left in the serious contendors column.

  15. Giulliani may have pullde off two anti Islamofascist stunts while mayor of NYC while 25% of his constituents were Jewish. Now that he is finished with that job, most of his business clients (from his security and law firm) are from Dubai and Saudi Arabia). He is a typical opportunist.

    Now I agree with Joseph. As a Barry Goldwater conservative (or for those unfamiliar with him, as a Mark Levine/Michael Savage conservative) I see no genuine conservative in the race. But Huckabee and McCain are liberals and Romney is a moderate. I’d rather vote for a moderate like Romney, than vote for a liberal. (as for Giulliani, he appears to be finished anyhow, as he is third place in FL days before the election, and he hedged all of his bets on Florida).

    I also predict Romney to win the Florida primary, which will grant him status as the fronrunner, although the Mainstream media (as Liberals who hates Romney) would never grant Romney that title. Arguably he is even the frontrunner now, as he has the most popular votes in the states that voted already, and the most delegates by far.