Mazel Tov: Yoel, Who was Imprisoned in Japan Becomes a Chosson


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Yoel Ze’ev Goldstein, one of the Japan defendants, has become a chosson. The engagement took place on Sunday, 19 Cheshvan 5773 with the Shapira family of Manchester.

Friends of Yoel explain the level of simcha is indescribable. “Who would have believed five years ago as he was in a Japanese dungeon that this great day would arrive? Yes, we see the chassdei Shomayim”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Mazel Tov! A real simcha for all of us. Just met Mrs. Goldstein, mother, in Yerushalayim last week and she told me that they were into shidduchim.

  2. The Schapiras are from Vienna, not Manchester.

    Are you telling us that Manchester is totally and utterly devoid of Schapiras, #3?

  3. I am really confused as to why Yaakov Yosef is still in jail, and the others have been set free. I believe that there is a lot we haven’t been told by the askanim. That whole part about “each judge decides his case differently” doesn’t make sense.
    I am not saying Yaakov Yosef is a criminal, but something doesn’t make sense.