Out Of The Mailbag – To YW Editor (Defending Our Brothers In Sderot)


yw new logo3.jpgDear Yeshivaworld, the following letter/warning has been sent to all Jewish members of the Knesset. It was emailed to me as well, and I was wondering what your readership would say to this letter.

*To all Members of the Knesset:

Our holy Torah commands us “Thou Shall Not Stand By Thy Brothers Blood”!

Jews worldwide are absolutely appalled that the State of Israel does not defend the Jewish People in its own land.

We will no longer stand by and watch as our fellow Jews are fired upon and you the Government sit and do nothing about it.

Jewish exiles in the US including New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and many others are preparing a campaign buy the residents of Sderot and Ashkelon rockets so that they can do the job you refuse to do.

We are giving you 1 week to cut off the electricity and fuel to Gaza and begin bombing the Arab neighborhoods from which the rockets are being launched. We expect the Government of Israel to act with dignity and resolve! If you the government of Israel will not stand up then we will!

If you are afraid that the US government will condemn you than do not worry. The Jewish exiles in the US will back you up on capital hill. We will mobilize all are forces to pressure the US government so that they not pressure you.

In 1 week we will start raising funds to arm Sderot with rockets that they can fire back at the enemy population of Gaza.

We will send you this letter once a day for the next 7 days including Motzei Shabbat.

I hope you will respond.


Jewish exiles in America.

*This letter was not sent to any Arab member of Knesset. The presence of any non-Jew in the Knesset is a violation of Torah Law as the Ramabam clearly writes in the Mishna Torah, Hilchot Milachim, Perek 6, Halacha 1.


  1. at least correct the spelling and wrong words ie “than do not worry” then do not…
    “We will mobilize all are forces” our forces..
    “Ramabam” Rambam…

  2. This suicidal nut is going to make the situation ten times worse. He seems to have a “Samson” complex–“ToMus NafShi Im PeLishTim”

  3. It’s sad and pathetic. This is an absolute joke. Just look at the spelling and grammar! There is no way this is an organized effort of any kind. We all wish there was something we can do to stop this madness.
    I think raising money to move everyone out of Sederot can be practical and effective. We Jews are great at raising money. While it might not be Zionistic, it is realistic.

  4. maskim! nuke them! enough is enough. how many people will have to suffer before people wake up and do something. to all previous comments – maybe u brilliant masterminds should actually take a trip out of your little safe box and go witness for yourselves what the people of sderot are going through.

  5. Looks as if all your writers are from the ‘USA EXILE” so of core you don’t understand what is happening here or the depression and sadness throughout the country. We are fore the rockets, the sooner the better, of course teh people in Sderot want to fight back, nothing will stop the fighting until hashem wants it to stop, but we can stop the daily bloodshed. Give $, buy rockets and aim well, this will wake up the country.

  6. What is this, exactly? And why is YW publishing this? This looks like the ravings of an adolescent gone mad?

    By the way, it is not “The presence of any non-Jew in the Knesset is a violation of Torah Law”, but, rather, the very existence of this appallingly mis-named “kneset” is a violation of Torah law.

    And, out of curiosity, how do you propose to get those rockets into Sderot – will you smuggle them from Egypt, too, like the Arabs do? Will you steal them from IDF bases – I’m sure that would work well?

  7. I wonder if the author of this letter is willing to pick up a gun and fight in Gaza. Must be tough to fight the war from your living room while others are dying for you. Also, when he brings over those rockets to Sderot will he hang around for the shooting?