Los Angeles Rabbonim Conducting Marriage Survey


chupah.jpgYWN has been approached with the following request:

The Los Angeles Rabbanim feel that they are unfortunately being faced with more and more couples coming to them with marital stress and crisis. They have asked that the Aleinu Family Resource Center (Los Angeles) create an online survey for members of all Frum communities to complete on their marital satisfaction – so that statistics can be gathered on the issue and programs can be developed to meet the needs of the frum community. The survey is 100% anonymous, and has been approved by the Halachic Advisory Board [which consists of the most prestigious of Los Angeles Rabbanim]. It has also been distributed to 28 shuls in New York.

Please take a few minutes, click HERE to fill out the survey, and Tizku Limitzvos!


  1. To 4 and 5:
    Take the survey! On the opening page it lists the Rabboim from Los Angeles who are for it. Many local rabbis are not listed. Why? I don’t know!

  2. the survey is worth taking because it makes one think about his/ marriage. we take it so much for granted that it begins to rot fast. many people have difficulty to communicate in marriage. for many, the simple reason is, i think, that they don’t have their own ideas clearly thought out. try putting your ideas down on paper, like in the survey and see what comes out.

  3. These Rabonim are not the most prestigious in LA just regular rabonim of diffrent shuls. When I see almost all of the rabonim sign the Kol Koreh then I will fill out the survey.

  4. Trader: these are the respectable Rabbonim who happened to get involved and often do get involved with important issues. They weren’t necessarily looking for every single rabbi in the city to sign.

  5. Unfortunately, what is called the Jewish Family Service – Aleinu is lacking much of what it attempts to provide. Among it’s staff of counselors serving the Frum community are individuals, who question, one’s inquiry of their patients Rabbeium. Furthermore the Aleinu “Crisis” center is not set up to answer calls as promoted to the community. On one such occassion, the caller was told to call back another day, from an individual who was answering the ‘hotline’ as they were going into a meeting. This doesn’t work, and defeats the purpose. The intent of what they are trying to do, is justified, the execution is ridiculous. I urge the L.A. Jewish Community to upgrade their standards of providing services to their own, to take care of the needs that exist today. I daven, that the survey that is being conducted, is analyzed by a professional outside service, and provide proper guidance to the Jewish Family Service and Aleinu Crisis Center.