Hikind: Schumer’s Jab At Orthodox Jews Is ‘Hypocritical Chutzpah’


NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) called Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s recent criticism of the Orthodox Jews the height of political hypocrisy. At a meeting between Jewish organizational officials and Democratic senators, Schumer blamed Orthodox Jews for not doing more to call out President Trump on what the Senator felt was Trump’s failure to confront hate in the United States.

“Singling out Orthodox Jews was distasteful, shameful and arrogant,” said Hikind, a fellow Democrat. “This statement of Senator Schumer’s was nothing less than his playing to his progressive liberal base. If the Senator was genuinely concerned about confronting hate and anti-Semitism, he wouldn’t have given President Obama a pass when the Obama administration did everything possible to marginalize Israel. Where was Schumer when Linda Sarsour showed support for terrorists and undermined the existence of Israel? Or when Black Lives Matter adopted anti-Israel platforms? Has the Senator held press conferences confronting the racist BDS movement, which seeks to isolate and starve innocent Israelis? The best candidate who Senator Schumer saw fit to lead the DNC was Keith Ellison, a friend of Louis Farakhan who called Hitler ‘a great man.’

“The Orthodox community does not need to be lectured by Senator Schumer. Let the good Senator work on alleviating anti-Israel animus within segments of the Democratic party. Because, as we all know, anti-Israel rhetoric and ‘anti-Zionism’ is simply the 21st century version of anti-Semitism.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Dov is completely correct. Israel and American Jews have discovered that Schumer is our enemy. We need to band together en masse to make sure he is voted out of office. He is a public menace. I pledge to do all I can to prevent him from attending or courting any of the frum organizations. He does not need to be marginalized. he needs to be clearly identified for what he really is.

  2. Thank you Dov. You hit the nail on the head regarding the hypocrisy of Mr. Schumer. With all due respect to Ezra Friedlander, Mr. Schumer is NOT a friend of our community and doesn’t care about our real concerns and when we “need” him, he is out to lunch. Chuck and Jerry are slaves to the Democrat party.

  3. Hikind is missing the point. He totally ignores Schumers point and carries on about Israel and who is friends with Farakahan. The point is not if Schumer is intellectually honest or not. The point is that Jews who and suffered so much more in the Holocaust should be outraged when Trump denies knowing David Duke, retweets messages from neo nazi sources and says that there are many fine people demonstrating with Neo Nazis chanting Jews will not displace us. On that point Schumer is 100% correct. Orthodox Jews were the biggest Jewish supporters of Trump and as such should be vocal in calling out Trump when he tolerates Neo Nazi’s and antisemites.

  4. Sorry Dov, I think you’re missing the mark. No doubt that if the nazis in Charlottesville voted, they definitely voted for trump. There’s a nazi running for Congress in Illinois as a republican. Why would observant Jews support an adulterer? The recognition of Yerushalayim caused attacks on Jews, how is that beneficial for us?

  5. Dov,
    Well said !
    Schumer who got the community to support him when he first started has turned into a dog.
    You have done well and kudos to you on your stand, when others do nothing
    Please keep it up

  6. Did Schumer say these things after he was called out the the leading activist, and Glamour “model” Sasour, or is this just an ongoing build up of hypocrisy from the ultimate flip-flop politician?

  7. Moshe in Golus – It is truly astounding that you seek to discount Trump’s tolerance of neo nazi’s and racists. Is the Nazi Holocaust such a distant memory that it does not bother you when Trump said that many people who joined with neo Nazi’s holding torches and chanting Jews will not displace us were “very fine people”? Must every egregious act of Trump be discounted as a “talking point”? Your comments and apparent lack of outrage only help to back up the comments of Senator Schumer.

  8. Schumer had the chutzpah to show for his speech and then leave at the YU investiture of Rabbi Dr. Berman. His speech contained two lengthy, unnecessary jokes delivered with no head-covering; he then left. He supports two-faced democratic bigots and will be of little help as the Democrats turn increasingly anti-Israel. He is in a position to spend more political capital for Jewish interests; he figures it is unwise, given where he sits. The Purim story has not sunk in.

  9. Assemblyman Dov Hikind,

    You are 100% correct.

    The left wing followers of Reform and other forms of deviant forms of Jewish practices, don’t practice Judaism at all. They practice and observe “Liberalism” as their religion.

  10. This is the same dov that was shrieking and hollering at his colleagues for not standing up for his son.



    SCHUMER SAID VERY SIMPLE: u r here to represent the jews in the USA, but u dont represent them. There were nazis on the streets chanting jews will not replace us. And u guys were silent.

  11. Crazy k,
    Although I’m not a Trump fan, I believe you have been influenced by the Media. Blaming Trump or the people on the right for the acts of the neo Nazis is another media tactic, suddenly they have an issue with anti-Semitism, where were they when all Islamists all over Europe etc have been advocating the worst kind of anti-Semitism since Nazism.

  12. Moshe in Golus – It appears that you indeed exhibit some difficulty with reason and effective argumentation. If you have a valid point you should be able to make it in an intelligent coherent fashion without resorting to name calling, equal signs and labeling things as “talking points’ without ever addressing the essence of the points being made. You can support Trump all you want, but please be honest enough to call him out when he does something wrong. I hope that you agree that calling neo-Nazi marchers fine people is wrong. Why not just say so and admit that Schumer has a good point.

  13. “This statement of Senator Schumer’s was nothing less than his playing to his progressive liberal base”
    This statement of Assemblyman Hikind was nothing less than his playing to his conservative Orthodox base.

  14. Chmuck Schumer, it’s time for you to take your fake phone cries and start playing bingo in a nursing home! Stop making this big Chillul Hashem in your political life! you are nothing but a disgrace for us Jewish people.. Stop with your failed tactics in bringing down the president of the United States of America,, you’re like the frogs in Egypt. The more they were hit the more they reproduced. Like it or not Chmuck, President Donald Trump is making America great again!
    Wake up and smell the delicious coffee!

  15. > crazykanoiy
    > rt

    As people who have suffered so much in history, we know *when* a discrete (private) word in the correct ear is way more effective with a lot less repercussions than publicity.
    Confronting Trump publicly would, among other problems, actually give the Neo-Nazis more publicity as well as give them “casus belli” to rally troops.
    Currently the neo-Naizs are nothing and have no influence, and denying them publicity has the best chance of keeping it that way.

  16. Gaon: What does this have to do with media bias? Trump himself said that many people who marched with neo nazis in Charlottesville are fine people. These are Trumps very own words. He has never denied or apologized for them. The fact that so many on the right remain silent over such statements shows that they are as guilty of the same hypocrisy that they accuse the left of.

  17. Some years ago, when discussing the rising status and of nazi’s within the DNC who would meet with Farrahkan, Schumer says “I am not worried about the Israel stuff.”

    Maybe the man needs to distance himself or stop the flip-flops.

  18. If you accept money from someone to do something disgraceful, and then don’t want to perform – you haved a problem. The Democrats hand out lots of money and patronage, and in return they expect you to do their biddings. And when you betray them, you have a problem. Everytime you hear some “frum” politicians boasting about what he got from the Democrats, realize that in return he has agreed to support their often disgusting and highly objectionable (from our perspective) agenda. Chuck and his friends paid for a “service”, and they want what they paid for.

  19. Quoted from Fox News August 23, 2017 “Trump also defended those who were originally protesting in Charlottesville as simply demonstrating against the removal of a statue of Confederate war hero Robert E. Lee.
    “You had some bad people in that group, but you also had very fine people on both sides,” Trump said.” In the same speech he condemned White supremasists and Nazis. He was not saying that Nazis are good people just that some of the protesters to removing the statue were good people. The rest of the media distorted what he said as is their minhag.

  20. katlakanya1750: Sorry but any person who chooses to demonstrate together with Neo Nazi’s carrying Swastika flags and chanting “Jews will not displace us” is not “a very fine person” even if that person is opposed to removing a Robert Lee statue. There are no very fine people who choose to demonstrate with racists and neo Nazi’s. To say otherwise is repulsive and abhorrent. Donald Trump failed to unequivocally condemn the marchers and those that support them, Donald Trump was wrong. This is not a media distortion.

  21. Not surprised at all that all the anti trump loonies will attack Dov,.
    Dov is not always right, but he is here.
    Where were all the anti trump loonies when chucky failed to act on Rubashkin? Or when Obama didn’t speak out against anti semitic and anti Israel statements made by BLM?
    Know where? They were attacking Rubashkin, and supporting Obama.

  22. Senator Schmer advocates abortion and gay marriages–an abomination, so stated in the Torah. I believe Senator Schmer boycotted PM Netanyahu’s plea to the US Congress that “any deal with Iran is a bad deal.” So did Sen Boxer, Congresswoman Schultz from Miami and other Liberals.

    I remember a young bacherim (sp?) with whom I spoke to in Lakewood told me that the Torah or the Talmud warned Israelis the worst enemies of frum are not goy like me but non-observant, self hating Jews—-if my memory is corrrect are not the Jewish democrats such people ??/

    B’vah’chah’shah, all Jews do more Talmud Torah, more davvening and more Chesed !!

    PS: Did not Pres. Trump move the American embassy to Jerusalem, did he not stop funding the PLO, did he not free Rabbi Rubaskin from an unjust prison sentence—— hmm maybe Israel needs more such presidents as enemies !!

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen

  23. > crazykanoiy
    “Trump himself said that many people who marched with neo nazis in Charlottesville are fine people.”
    Yep. And the U.S. has freedoms guaranteed by the constitution. So if I march to protest the court that forced bakers to themselves personally make a new wedding cake creation specifically for a gay wedding, I cannot stop neo-Nazis from also marching in the same protest – they are constitutionally protected to join the very same protest.

    What you are saying is no different than when someone saying there are very fine people in the United States and you coming claiming that the person saying that is protecting neo-Nazis because the United States has some neo-Nazis in it.

  24. Crazykoniy
    Trump is the only president that was willing to make Jerusalem the capital of Isreal and stood so strong for Isreal he freed a rabbi from jail if you are not pro trump you are a trader