HORROR: Holocaust Survivor’s Body Found Burnt, Stabbed In Paris Apartment; Muslim Neighbor In Custody


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Following a fire in a Paris apartment, an 85-year-old Jewish woman was found stabbed in a violent attack. Local press outlets are reporting that the fire broke out on Friday evening just before Shabbos began. The firefighters who broke into the apartment found the woman’s lifeless body after she had been stabbed.

Police have ruled out a suicide and have even apprehended a suspect, a 29-year-old Muslim male. It is unclear as of yet what the motive was for the attack.

The woman suffered 11 stab wounds and from an initial investigation, arson is being suspected in the blaze, as investigators found at least five points of ignition in the apartment.

The victim was identified as Mireille Knoll H”YD

Over the past few years the number of attacks against Jewish citizens of Paris – even by their neighbors – has been on the steady rise.

The case is eerily similar to a horific attack exactly one year ago in Paris, in which 66-year-old Sarah Halimi H”YD was stabbed to death and flung from her apartment window by a Muslim neighbor.

Earlier on Friday, an ISIS terrorist killed three hostages after special forces burst into a supermarket that he was hiding in, and eliminated him.

Just a month ago, on Purim, a 14-year-old boy was attacked by a group of thugs while on his way to Megillah reading.

In January, YWN reported on an arson attack at two Kosher supermarkets in Paris. That attack was believed to be linked to another horrific attack in a Paris three years earlier, in which 4 Jews were murdered in an attack on a Kosher supermarket.

Also in January, an 8-year-child child wearing a Yamulka was attacked by a group of thugs, an attack French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron denounced as heinous.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Are the French police that dim and clueless as to a possible motive?
    An 85-year-old Jewish woman suffered 11 stab wounds in a violent attack.
    Police have ruled out a suicide.
    Her apartment was set on fire as investigators found at least five points of ignition in the apartment.
    Her Muslim neighbor has been arrested.
    Obviously, petty theft interrupted by the elderly woman attacking the penniless thief with a knife that he then used in self-defense to save his life. The fire was started by mistake when he was trying to light her range to make himself some food as he had not eaten since the previous day when he broke into another Jewish neighbor’s apartment who had the good sense not to disturb him. There, doesn’t that make perfect sense? The only open question is why the poor young man has been arrested.

  2. It is unclear as of yet what the motive was for the attack. but excessively clear that this savage must be administered מיתה על ידי שרפה with utmost alacrity & urgency

  3. Islam is such a violent religion yet no one speaks out against it and their Immans certainly do not try to smooth the violent aspirations of it adherents.

    Worse than the religion is the non reaction of those who could speak out against Islamic violence but don’t.

  4. Dear GitMesige, yes, we want the News from France here in Israel, but are things any better here? We have plenty of bloodthirsty Muslims , including infiltrators, and a Supreme Court that is sympathetic to them but not to their Jewish victims.