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UPDATED STORY: Jewish Man Stabbed And Critically Wounded By FedEx Driver In Manhattan [TEHILLIM]


An Orthodox Jewish was stabbed and critically wounded in Midtown Manhattan on Monday afternoon.

Sources tell YWN that the victim was walking on 33rd Street and 5th Avenue just after 1 p.m. when he accidentally bumped into a FedEx employee. They got into an altercation which resulted in the FedEx employee stabbing the Jewish man at least 4 times.

The victim, identified as 28-year-old Jack Gindi, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition.

He is b”h expected to survive.

The 22-year-old suspect, a FedEx employee, was quickly taken into custody. Tyquan Bailey of Orange, New Jersey is charged with attempted murder, felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

The suspected FedEx employee taken into custody

Police said Gindi works in the area, and Bailey frequently makes deliveries to his office.

The circumstances of the stabbing are not yet known, but police believe it was the result of an ongoing dispute.

Please say Tehillim for Yaakov Ben Yocheved.

A FedEx spokesperson released a statement, saying, “We were shocked to learn about the incident in Manhattan today and our thoughts go out to the individual who was injured. We are cooperating fully with investigating authorities at this time.”

(Yossi Taub – YWN)

40 Responses

  1. and crime is going down? Everyday a Yid is getting hurt in this city and de blasio lies to us telling us crime is going down.

  2. and life goes on , we r so immuned to yidishe tzures that we dont even realize how in Gulis we are.
    We live in a city of 9 million and every day another Tzura. Last week in Crown heights a yid got beaten up because he just said Hello to a stranger and now a Fedex rotzyach . Hashem yereichym.
    Satmere rebbe z”l used to stay we need to be mispalel every morning that when we go out in the morning we should come home the same person…we need Rachmei shumayim..
    Refuah shelymeh to those nebech wounded and injured….

  3. Good point Reb Nowwecant. If only we had listened to ezra friedlander and elected Mr. Chritine Quinn, this never would’ve happened.

  4. The fact that he is in custody isnt shocking. He stabbed someone. whether in self defense or not he would be in custody.

    I am kind of surprised we dont have quotes from onlookers or witnesses of how the fight started.

  5. Not a racist but Im pretty certain the attacker is from the black race. Doesn’t FedEx know who their employees are?
    Poor minorites the leftists will shout

  6. 1 COMMENT
    April 23, 2018 2:41 pm at 2:41 pm
    and crime is going down? Everyday a Yid is getting hurt in this city and de blasio lies to us telling us crime is going down.
    You do t realize how rediculous u sound.
    Because a frum yid nebach got stabbed so automatically it means crime went up? Does that also mean that every day which passes without a yid getting stabbed , does that mean crime went down?

  7. I’ve had comments censored by the YWN moderators for far less than the inflammatory rhetoric spewed by litvishechossid.

  8. litvishechossid: You are disgusting. You have definitely made a Chillul Hashem shame on you. You are the problem in this world and why Moshiach is taking so long.

  9. Why add ‘frum’ man, “Orthodox’ Jewish man? He’s Jewish – we need to be concerned about him and others whether they are frum or not.

  10. T2TT: Crime is going down in NYC using any statistical measure compiled. Not sure what you are talking about and doubt that you do either. Every individual attack is a tragedy but what does this incident have to do with consolidated violent crime frequency.

  11. AH: What in the world seems to be your problem. Concerned with calling creatures like these ‘People’? Are YOU off your rocker?!? Which planet are YOU from?!?

    It is someone who can call this creature a human, who is making a Chilul HaShem. Get your priorities straight. A creature who cannot control himself definitely belongs caged.

    Interesting where you apply your deep compassion: כל המרחם על אכזרים…

  12. Distracted: yeah, yeah, this one comes every time something of this sort is mentioned.

    And the answer is that of course we have to be concerned for anybody, but when we’re dealing with an אחיו הוא במצוות it’s more personal. He’s a closer brother to us Torah Jews. Which happen to be (incidentally) the audience of this cite. So it concerns us more.


  13. AH-
    Actually you are the reason Moshiach isn’t here. It’s Jews like you who will let the anti semites trample all over you and you will not only remaining silent but also accept and welcome it. O have seen this all too often. Yidden like you who constantly defend obvious haters who want to kill you make me sick. There were 3 incidents this past week which were obviously anti semitic. Look at our history and see how well it works when you try to make nice with them and “praise” them. And if you think it works so well maybe join the neturei karta and walk into Gaza and iran and kiss their leaders hand. It’ll work for a while, that is, until they decide to wipe you out.

  14. Katanhadorah,

    If you read tt2t’s comment instead of just looking at it you would realize he’s commenting about nowecant’s comment and he’s a lib just like you

    I just love it when libs argue and they’re really saying the same thing

  15. coffee addict
    – I didn’t know name calling is the new strategy to get your point across. Funny how these comments go through.

  16. AH–as I understand and I could be wrong, it is up to Jews to be united and not Jews to be united with the nations. You seem to desire unity with the nations and stir up trouble between Jews.

  17. ah is 100% right for making his comment….what the driver did was disgusting but the racist comment was uncalled for and not befitting this site…the rest of you like little froggie who try to use yiddishkeit to back up their statements need to go back to yeshiva to know what it means to be a jew because you obviously missed the boat the first time.

  18. Rebyossel you are so right, I am amazed of how insensitive we could become in this golus, 1 more yid hurt and we just flip around pages kind of ignoring what goes on to yiden in this bitter, Hashem yirachem…..

  19. RealisticGuy: know what it means to be a jew because you obviously missed the boat the first time.

    What a sad comment you make. Even some fools would understand the emotional context of Litvish comment and surely an educated person does. For you and others to erupt with anger at your fellows is more likely missing the boat.

    You of course never have said anything out of pain? Where is your loving-kindness to your fellow oh wise one?

  20. @moisheingolus why would he be able to sue fedex? he could sue the man.
    If I work for google and I chalilah get in to an accident and it was my fault can the other person sue google?

  21. Dear Friends,
    Please, let’s try to speak nicely to each other. It’s okay to disagree, but let’s not transgress “onas devorim”. H-shem will be so happy with us and will surely send Moshiach very soon.

    The comment about the Fed-Ex becoming an Ex- Fed is very funny. So is the one about the breakout at the zoo, ( though “politically incorrect”. )

    Best wishes to everybody.

  22. Don’t know about you Realistic, but to me anyone who would go after another because he said “Hello”, anyone who pulls out a knife and stabs another to death in an argument belongs in a cage! Pray tell me, Mr. Jewish Expert, which boat in Yiddishkite have I missed. What Shiur in Yeshiva says to include those in humanity?

  23. I’m hearing that the Fedex driver got the wrong guy. He’s actually been in a dispute with someone else and mistook him for our victim

  24. @agutyar and @littlefroggie and @litvishchossid would you want your name published on the front page of any newspaper or website saying the racist comment about the zoo you made/support? if so then congratulations your a racist. And if not, you are two faced liar who knows better and just says it here because you can hide behind a screen name.
    Again, I think it was wrong to do name calling or racist tones as you have done. (how is this any different from the anti-semites saying that jews are dirty and control the media, weather and money? how about jews have big noses? – the answer is they are all wrong- just be a good person and make the world a better place {i.e. tikun olam})
    I look forward to your responses.

  25. sammy: @agutyar and @littlefroggie and @litvishchossid would you want your name published on the front page of any newspaper or website saying the racist comment about the zoo you made/support?

    Before you go publishing peoples names and other forms of lashon hara that would enrage the goyim Mr. tikun olam, maybe we should first define what racism means. If it means considering Jews as superior to goyim, are you claiming that this is racist and therefore wrong? Is it the case that remaining apart from the nations is racist and therefore wrong?

  26. Innocent until proven guilty , just like many commentators wrote about the arrest of the frum couple who beat and tortoured there kids for not being frim enough. You cant have 2 sets of rules. Same innocent until proven guilty to that shlub who killed the frim engaged couple.

  27. Third Try:

    Sammy, Realistic, AH (and including if you are all one entity):
    Can’t figure out what in the world it has to do with RACE!! I’ve never mentioned anything about race. In fact I don’t even know what ‘race’ these perpetrators ascribe to. I’m just writing that someone who displays an animalistic behavior as discussed, does not belong out of a zoo. And if you (you & co,) cannot comprehend that, well then I guess you too…

    Sorry, HaShem gave the free world for humans to live on, animals and their human friends-in-behavior belong locked up. That’s the only ‘race’ that counts. The human race – humans with human-like character.

    I’m so sorry for you if you cannot grasp that a creature who lets loose and attacks another for greeting ‘Hello’, does not fit in the human race.

    Or maybe it’s our society that has entirely sunk to the level of animals, animalistic urges and behaviour.

  28. WHAT AMAZES ME IS … that here we are talking about feeling bad for a frum Jew getting stabbed and some posters are upset about focusing on the “Frum ” part rather than simply being our Jewish brother period .. but wouldn’t we all (Frum and not so Frum) agree that as Jews we shouldn’t be fighting on a silly blog especially during sefirah. Some posters with apparent ” ruach hakodosh ” even blame other posters comments for being the reason moshiach hasn’t come yet. Seriously ppl tho worst sins and the deadliest fights are always lishaym shomayim!! Its not lishaym shomayim its the Satan hard at work telling you it’s leshaym shomayim im not one to preach Im a simple yid but let’s have a little less hatred and a little less aggressiveness . A yid is bitzelem of Hashem period. Trust me a Jew that is only concerned about feeling bad only if the other Jew is Frum is definetly making it harder for another jew to become more Frum

    Everyone who is busy saying why moshiach isn’t coming should be more concerned about being ready for moshiach and ready to go to the beis din shel mala. Some ppl think moshiach comes and it will be a party. SPOILER ALERT …..buddy you better be ready for moshiach because that’s when you have to answer why you used lishaym shomayim to spew hatred and decide who’s Frum and who’s not a tinuk shenishba is probably alot better off then many of us who should know better than to use our mouth to insult and hate other yidden us Frum yidden should know better than to bark at eachother about being Frum or uchiv bemitzvoz is closer be proud of being a yid and consider yourself lucky to be a Frum yid and let’s be a good example and show that a yideshe neshoma feels bad for all yidden no one asked you to open your wallet just maybe open your heart a bit and realise that if Hashem calls them a child if they are part of Bnei Yisroel then I am glad to consider them a brother. Hashem will deal with Thier frumkiet you just be concerned about being an accepting and tolerable person because Hashem accepts alot of garbage from us and we always ask not to judge us even tho we constantly go against his wishes so let’s try to be more accepting as well and always wish for moshiach but without forgetting when moshiach comes you better be ready because we have alot to answer for !!! In sorry if I offended anyone or spoke a bit intense but I just want ppl to realize that even fighting in blogs makes us upset and counts as fighting and has an affect on our holy Jewish neshoma mi kiamcha Yisroel !! Boruch shlo usani goy!! not Frum has the potentiol to be a Rabbi Akiva and a Frum that prevents a not Frum from feeling welcome and doing tshuvah will have no where to hide one day we all realize how real things are some at 20 some at 40 some at 90 and some once it’s to late but rest assured we will all one day realise that we would be better off permantly sewing up our mouths than having to deal with paying the price for using it wrong Hashem yerachem

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