WATCH: Young Girl Hit By Bike While Exiting School Bus In Williamsburg; Suspect Fled


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  1. Every school bus should make sure the children get off on the side next to their house, not to have to run round the bus. I find that irresponsible of the driver. Isn’t he the one responsible to deliver the child safely home?!

  2. Adocs

    The bus can turn round or enter the street from the opposite direction. Also the child should not leave the bus unaccompanied by an adult. For years I’ve been saying this. It’s downright dangerous!

  3. @justasec & lets say she would’ve got off on the side next to her house the biker would’ve still hit her so what are you trying to say

  4. Is this a one-way street? Why was the cyclist on the left hand side of the road?
    It’s about time cyclists learned the rules and stopped making things up as they go along. They ride on the sidewalk when it suits them, then, when they decide to switch to using the road, they ignore traffic signals, crosswalks, and whiz through red lights. Make up your mind!
    That being said, things would be a lot easier for everyone to navigate – not to mention safer – if more towns had bicycle lanes, giving cyclists a designated spot.

  5. i blame the cyclist for passing the bus, but not for leaving. If you notice it took him a while to get up. by the time he was got up the child was long gone from the scene. Unless the bus driver said something to the cyclist in all probability he didn’t even realize exactly what happened