UPDATED 1:25PM EST: Queens: Tanker Explosion / Traffic Alert


ffuel tr fire.jpg[UPDATE BELOW ORIGIONAL STORY] 12:30PM EST: A tanker truck overturned on the Van Wyck Expressway a few minutes ago, sending huge flames and black smoke shooting into the air. The exact location is the west-bound North Conduit Avenue ramp going onto the north-bound Van Wyck Expressway.

The FDNY has ordered a second alarm, and the NYPD has called for a Level 2 Mobilization.

Three foam/crash trucks were brought from JFK Airport (about 1 mile away), and are spraying foam on the blaze. Additionally, fuel has dripped down underneath the overpass and is burning below as well.

Expect heavy delays in the area, as FD crews continue to extinguish the blaze. It is unknown if the driver was injured.

UPDATE 12:25PM EST: FDNY is still battling the blaze of the overturned tanker off the Van Wyck Expressway – just 1 mile north of JFK Airport.

FDNY is now reporting that the driver has finally been extricated from the tanker, and has been pronounced DOA.


(YW-97 / YW-170 / YW-901)


  1. oh my… such hashgacha… I almost travelled that route just a bit after this happened apparently and chose to take a different route for whatever reason!!! Now I known what that reason was… I’d probably still be there in traffic now!