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NYPD Deploys Additional Police Officers To Further Reduce Crime And Violence In NYC

The NYPD is deploying hundreds of police officers to historically high crime neighborhoods to continue the historic crime reduction in New York City. During summer all-out in 2017, the City experienced significant reductions in shootings and murders in commands where additional police officers were assigned. In 2017 summer all-out commands, there was a reduction of eight murders, or -30.8%, and 44 shootings, or -47.3%.

This is the fourth year the NYPD has redeployed police officers to commands with historically elevated levels of violence. The following commands are receiving additional officers beginning today: 32 precinct, 40 precinct, 43 precinct, 67 precinct, 73 precinct, 75 precinct, 103 precinct, 120 precinct and PSA 7. All police officers assigned to summer all-out attended a one day refresher training course designed to reemphasize the neighborhood policing and de-escalation techniques.

“The all-out officers will be deployed precisely where the violence is still occurring. Their professional presence is a deterrent to crime. It also provides a measure of comfort to residents of that neighborhood,” said NYPD Chief of Department Terence A. Monahan. “This is crucial because it doesn’t matter if crime statistics are showing the city is safe, and getting safer, even if every single New Yorker doesn’t actually feel they are safe.”

“Bringing police and community closer together builds mutual trust and respect, and in turn reduces crime by emphasizing proactive, preventative policing,” said Mayor de Blasio. “Summer all-out strengthens the bond between New Yorkers and their local officers, and helps keep the City safe throughout the summer months.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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