VIDEO: Texas Police Officer Pulls Gun on Children During Arrest


A West Texas police officer’s actions are being reviewed after he was captured on video pointing his gun at a group of children during an arrest.

The El Paso Times reports the unidentified officer has been placed on desk duty while officials investigate whether he violated police department policies.

Video of the Thursday incident, posted on Facebook, shows the El Paso police officer pulling out and briefly pointing his handgun at a group of at least six boys who had been yelling at him during an arrest.

El Paso Deputy City Manager Dionne Mack said Saturday no complaints had been filed against any of the officers involved in the altercation.

Officials declined to provide details about the department’s policies on officers pulling out their handguns or batons during incidents.



  1. Either they’re hiring people who should never be trusted with a gun and a badge, or they’re not training them how to function on the street without losing their cool. Screening for police officer candidates should include finding out if they can resist being provoked into this sort of stupidity. If he feels threatened by a bunch of kids, he isn’t brave enough to be a police officer. Being a police officer requires, among other things, guts and judgment, not just the ability to wave a gun around.