Britian’s Labour Party Suspends Lawmaker For Post Calling To Execute ‘Talmud Jews’ Who ‘Drink Blood’


The Labour Party has suspended a serving Councillor for the Hatherleigh Ward in Bognor Regis, after posts calling for Jews to be executed and praising Adolf Hitler were found on his Facebook account.

Councillor Damien Enticott claimed that hackers had put the posts there.

In one, an image was posted claiming that as part of a “Jewish ritual they drink blood” with the comment “This is done only by Talmud Jews. Talmud Jews are parasites! They also believe any child over 3 years old that isn’t a Jew should be treated like a parasite, they believe it is okay to even rape that child because it’s is [sic] worthless. To treat a non Jew decently means that you are as bad as them. All Talmuds need executing!”

Another post said that “Hitler would have a solution to the Israel problem”.


The Labour Party is the center-left U.K. political party led by Jeremy Corbyn. The party has been mired in controversy over allegations of anti-Semitism in recent months, with several incidents making headlines, and some members of the party declaring the accusations unfair.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. The internet is full of such disgusting allegations including one with quotes of animals that agreed to play along and fake witnessng -It wás a false report that hungarian authorities allegedly cover killing and blood drawing. Is there a place I can report it to?