HATE: Anti-Zionist Graffiti Found on Shul in France [PHOTOS]


An investigation has been opened after the discovery of anti-Zionist graffiti on a synagogue in Western France.

Early this past Shabbos (July 28), the words “no to Zionists, no to Israel” were discovered inscribed in black paint on the facade of the building of the main Shul in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), located 100 miles northwest of Paris. Stickers displaying the Palestinian, Lebanese and French flags were also found on the building’s entrance.

In 2016, bullet holes were found in the mailbox of the same Shul, the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, or BNVCA, noted in a statement Tuesday. BNVCA called on authorities, who have no suspects in custody for either incident, to “do everything in their power” to bring the culprits to justice.

“Anti-Zionist rhetoric targeting Israel that is placed on a synagogue confirms that anti-Zionists are notorious anti-Semites,” BNVCA wrote.

The Shul’s Rabbi Dov Lewin expressed his “surprise” and “dismay” on Facebook. The maintenance services of the city of Le Havre quickly cleaned the facade of the building.

“The Davening took place as every week, the community remains strong,” Rabbi Lewin wrote, while thanking the police for their rapid response and also for “their presence at each of the organized events at the synagogue “.

Police believe that this is an “isolated act” and “amateur”, based on the spelling mistake made by the perp(s) who wrote “Isrrael”. The president of the Jewish community of Le Havre Victor Elgressy announced his intention to file a complaint. “The facts are serious,” he said.

(Nat Golden – YWN)


  1. ok, vandalism, but why hate??? zionism has NOTHING to do with Judaism. two different things. This can be compared to saying inthe headlines: HATE: anti – fascist graffiti found on shul in minneapolise. from a honest view i would write VANDALISM: etc. The satmar chassidim (no extremist – god fearing jews) have been holding up similar banners under the direction of r yoiel, who no one can deny , wasnt a gavra rabba. and btw, i dont know why BNVCA said it was anti -antisemitism?? i`m a jew and he (the vandal) certainly didn’t write any sentiments about me, as im not a Zionist and i have no part in the Zionist state of Israel (i thought antisemitism meant racism against Jews). i hope YWN will be careful about such mistakes in the future.

  2. Peleg yerushalmi strikes again!!!
    Or maybe it was satmar? Or N Wachtfogel and the axis of extremist straight outta south fallsberg?

  3. Daass torah,
    The difference is simple. The Satmar Rebbe was against Zionism because he believes that it goes against the 3 oaths. But he never said that Israel does not belong to the Jewish people. He just said that it is forbidden to create a state before the messiah comes. Any non Jews against Zionism is probably not trying to tell the Jews that they are not being religious enough. Probably he hates Jews. The double standards clearly shows that. Why does Jewish aggression bother him more than the massacred Syrians? Although in theory, you can be anti Israel and not anti semitic, usually it is a good indication. In this case it is a certainty. Why attack a synagogue in France? Why are they responsible for what Israel does?