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6:45PM EST: Viznitzer Rebbe Stuck In Elevator

fdny1.jpg(UPDATES BELOW) 6:45PM EST: YWN has learned that the Viznitzer Rebbe Shlita (from Monsey) is currently stuck in an elevator on 41st Street at New Utrecht Avenue. The Rebbe was on his first visit to the new Yeshiva building, and the elevator suddenly sopped working while he was inside it. FDNY and NYPD ESU units are currently on the scene attempting to extricate him.

UPDATE 7:15PM EST: Thanks to the dedicated NYPD ESU and the FDNY, the Rebbe has Boruch Hashem been safely removed from the elevator.


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  1. #7 you sound sarcastic. if iam wrong please be mochel me.
    when a person or tzadik like the vishnitzer rebbi gets stuck, we are all in a way stuck. thats why it is our concern and we are mispallel that truly nothing happens to him adversley. have a happy purim.

  2. there will be a tish-seudas hodah on this date in viznetz from now on to celebrate this neis nigla. may the all yidden stuck in elevators be zoicha to a yeshua bikarov.

  3. Der Rebbe was imprisoned,
    Right here in the USA.

    You think it was just the KGB back in russia 50 50 years ago??

    Mir Darf Davenen, we are not safe anywhere

  4. I think the item was sufficiently newsworthy; further, the editors did not imply it was a crisis or that they were proud to have an exclusive scoop on this major story, just that it happened.

  5. First off all whtas special is that the Rabbi davened mincha in the elevator and in Viznits they are makpid to daven very early so he couldn’t wait.

    and abaut (#12)the story with Eretz Yisroel Rabbi stuck on a escelator, they asked the gabbai why he didn’t walk down when it stopped to work he said that the rabbi was on the way up…

    btw Yeshiva World maybe some purim news/funny news/jokes for Purim

  6. Yeshiva World thanks for this news, keep it up keeping us updated! this news story is for sure part of “Frum Jewish News”

  7. I am heartened to see that YW is now giving attention to the Elevator Crisis. Crises concerning shidduchim, divorces, the Jewish Press, and the price of tea in China should not monopolize our collective attention.

    That matter aside, being stuck in an elevator can be a harrowing experience, especially if one is a claustrophobic and without the ability to contact the outside world for assistance. Glad to hear the Rebbe is fine.

  8. I would like to update to all that seemingly dont know, the Vishnitzer Rabbi is 86 years old ka”h till the 120 years, and wheel chair bound after the incident a few years ago when he slipped in his private room and had big nissum getting saved after laying there while alone by a gabai and than during the long months of recovery, and has alot of yesurim with this and other health issues, so your tfilos can help for one who is currently the oldest Rebbe and of the oldest and most esteemed gedolim in the USA,for any yid this age with heart conditions and in this situation to be stuck in an damp elevator for almost 45 minutes while a whole team is trying to rescue him and the other people and than get dragged out with a with an emergency bed, it is I think a story worth reporting and to be happy that he came out unharmed and not make letzunis about it. and you should have him between others in your prayers that hashem give him the koach and gezunt till the 120 together with all of us.

  9. The Rebbe got out?! This is truly a fortuitous occasion!
    From this day on, every Monday in Adar thousands of Chassidim will pilgrim to elevators throughout the land, and joyously press on the emergency stop button at precisely 5:43 pm when the Rebbe was miraculously freed from the evil clutches of those automatic doors.

  10. But the question we all most ask is … Was the Rebbe going up or down? Was K’lal Yisroel in a matzav of aliah or yeridah?

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