Immigration Agents Arrest 160 People In Texas Workplace Raid


Federal immigration agents have arrested 160 workers following a raid at Texas company that manufactures trailers.

The raid Tuesday targeted Load Trail Trailers in Sumner, about 90 miles (145 kilometers) northeast of Dallas. It was at least the second immigration raid targeting the business, the last coming in 2014.

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement statement says its investigation began after a tip that Load Trail was knowingly hiring workers who were in the United States illegally.

ICE says all detainees will be interviewed to determine who remains in custody and who get humanitarian release.

In a statement, Load Trail called the raid “disappointing” and surprising, but pledged to cooperate with investigators.



  1. Now that we see ice is not targeting a yid, rubashkin can now sleep better at night. Btw is he still in Israel showing hakaros hatov to trump or is he on his next mission .?
    Maybe his next mission will be to get a job a pay up his many years of unpaid chovos.

  2. So they’ll deport the workers. What about the employers? They get a free pass to go on hiring undocumented workers cheaply, pleading that “We didn’t know he was undocumented,” when there’s a national database to tell them (e-Verify). If the owner is a good Republican, let him walk his own talk and hire only Americans and immigrants with verifiable documentation.