Police Detain The Principal Of A Peleg-Affiliated School In Elad Wednesday Morning


There was drama in Elad on Wednesday morning, 18 Elul, as police arrived to detain the principal of a Peleg-affiliated talmid torah, BeChadrei Chareidim reports.

The principal of Talmid Torah Darchei Shmuel, which is situated on Ben Shetach, on an Israel Lands Administration plot, near additional mosdos, was detained for question by police. The Israel Lands Administration claims Darchei Shmuel is an illegal structure and therefore, they are trespassing.

The director of Talmud Torah was detained Wednesday morning for questioning for trespassing. After his interrogation, which lasted for about three hours, he was released from the police station in Rosh Ha’ayin under restrictive conditions, including a restraining order distancing him from the talmid torah for over a week.

According to Peleg Yerushalmi askanim in Elad, there is a deliberate and severe harassment by the police against the institution located in the Israel Lands Administration (ILA) area, as there are many more institutions located there as well. “Why is only our principal the only one taken by police for questioning as there are other mosdos there too,” they queston.

Police did not respond to the BeChadrei Chareidim report prior to publication.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)