ANYONE SHOCKED? What The World Thinks Of 30,000 Jews In Uman On Rosh Hashanah

Thousands in the center of Uman for Tikkun HaKlali, Erev Rosh Hashana 5778

Some readers may find this shocking, while others won’t be shocked at all. More than 550 comments have already been published on a video taken at the Scheiner Minyan in Uman on Rosh Hashana, published by RT on YouTube. 99% of the comments are the most horrific, vile, anti-Semitic slurs possible. Many of them can not be published by YWN, but below is just a small sample of the comments.

It should be noted that these comments were not submitted by just a few people. They are all separate YouTube users / accounts.

Antisemitism is alive and well in 2018. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And kudos to YouTube (owned by Google) for giving these animals a platform to promote violence, hatred and openly call for the death of 30,000 Jews.

“lol their traditional song is “Lies Lies Lies”, how fitting.”

“This is the “Elite” of Ukraine. They control the country.”

“damn, well, ukraine has a problem I see”

“Meanwhile in the Federal Reserve”

“Jews have been kicked out of over 70 different countries fact no smoke without fire”

“The synagogue of satan in action, they look so similar to wahhabist”

“Sickening, where is a gas leak when you need one?”

“Throw a few Shekels on the ground then see what happens”

“Human garbage. Putin needs to clean Ukraine up fast. Poros head should be on a platter in a museum in Novisibirsk.”


“Parasitism is a phenomenon that exista within the human species just like in the animal kingdom and microscopic organisms. Many people overlook this occurrance that can be seen time and time again throughout human history of parasitism. It all sorrounds this group of so called “chosen people””

“Damn devil’s”

“Great time to bomb the Ukraine, can get two for the price of one.”

“Dancing israelis celebrating the collapse of twin towers”

“In Brooklyn we call these people “Yids”. Very unfriendly they are.”

“So that’s why ukraine will never have peace or genuine prosperity”

“are they singing lie lie lie lie lie lie? they are good at that”

“oh boy, they’ll steal the Ukrainian land and do to you what they did in Jerusalem… despite the fake UN efforts…”


“ukraine is a jewish puppet, which is funny because most ukrops are nazis ;)”

“Future Holocaust Survivor.”

“The banderas are fools, the khaxars have taken over ukraine.”

“the problem with the world.”

“Drop a nuke on the animals!”

“Inbreeding at its finest.”

“Early celebration of 911.”

“The only thing missing is a real good suicide bomber .”

“Evil dancing”

“I’d love to drop a bomb there.”

“They are behind every bloodshed and mass murders around the globe they play very secretive”

“Bugger off to Israel !”

“Still waiting for that messiah to come . what fools .”


“If I could thumbs down a vid a 1000 times I would ……”

“Where are the suicide bombers when you need them..”

“The smells……yuck.”

“Parasitic scum”


“Lie lie lie lying Jews. Nothing new to see here folks, move along.”

“Gas them all”

“Chicken waveing wall humpers.”

“Turn the gas on.”



“Gas them all…. while they are in one spot….”

“Too bad they all weren’t shot”

“I’m glad anti semitism is on the rise again”

“Kill them.”

“They don’t look like “chosen ones” to me… I doubt that God chose those people.”

“filthy rats”

“Celebrating 17 year anniversary of their greatest accomplishment.”

“I only agreed with Hitler on one thing.”

“whos working the gas valve.”

“Where’s Hezbollah when is needed?”

“____The dangers of inbreeding___”

“They grow those tassels over their ears so that they may better ignore the word of God. Jewish tradition.”

“So many “lampshades” dancing”

“Imagine the smell…”



“Tactical nuke inbound”

“1943 flashbacks.”

“These are real Jews. They reside all around the planet until their saviour arrives and then they can have a homeland as it says in the Torah. Jews residing in Israel is a oxymoron. They are zionazi and hijackers of Judaism for political purposes..”

“ISRAEL gives the Goyem pure justification not just to mock )ews it instills pure hatred. The chosen, NOT, a race, NOT, disgrace to humanity, YES!”

“Their God tells them the spring is the new year but they decide to make it the fall, very obedient or very defiant people? Evil.”

“Wait till they claim that Ukraine belongs to the Jews”

“Scratch going to Ukraine from my list”

“They are trying to summon demons”

“Get a job.”

“30k Bagel eaters . Lol”

“And BOOOOOM! No parasites no more ! ”

” PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This is what a large cancerous tumor on the brain of humanity looks like.”

“Is that party at Wall Street after they stole trillions from the goyim??”

“What are these racists vermins doing in Ukraine??”

“Ukraine has a massive jewish problem, oh my God….”

“/me vomits. Shame they control ISIL, they could be useful for once.”

“more religious delusionists celebrating their man-made fairy-tales”

“ISIS will be forgiven if they attack these ZIONISTS ASAP man.”

“all I see is a pile of foreskins.”

“where’s wholesale slaughter when we need it”

“Hitler didn’t finish his works yet.”

“Party like you just found a penny”

“Throw the Jews down the well. So my country can be free”

“Disgusting vermin.’


“I’m sorry I don’t care for Smiling Jews”

“Disgusting jews”


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WATCH: Taslich in #Uman on Rosh Hashana #5779

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  1. I felt very sad reading this article, but I was not shocked to read these words of extreme hatred and non sense of wicked ones. May whatever they said and wished return upon themselves
    this new year 5779.
    Whoever curse a
    Jew would be cursed.
    This is time for unity for us.
    We should love and care for one another.
    We should stop thinking that this is Jew from Chabad or from Nachman or from this group or that group that maybe different than your group for at the end we all are Jews . No matter if we are Ashkenazi or Sephardi, please put the differences away and focus on our One G-d we all love and G-d love us and someday may our G-d may rescue us from wicked and from hatred of nations. Someday, our salvation will come
    G-d’s willing. Amen Someday we will all sing songs of salvation and thanking our G-d. Amen
    Wish you all a blessed new year 5779

  2. These comments make me proud to be a Jew!!!!
    I don’t want to get into “the Uman discussion” , however, to see thousands of people in one tent dancing without any fighting or
    Arguing is the most beautiful occurrence on earth!
    The fact that there can be hundreds of foul-comments on a group of people smiling and dancing in place, is something that those Evil Minded Commentators should be ashamed of!!
    The haters will always hate!
    Beezrat HaShem Moshiach will come and all the people in the world will recognize the Aibishter!!
    V’haya HaShem L’Melech al Kol Ha’aretz etc….

    In regards to wether or not you hold of Uman, each man can ask their Rov what to do! Like everything in life, people have different opinions! To say that someone is right or wrong is a harsh statement.
    For all those worried about the wives and kids of those who go, first of all it’s not your business, also not everyone home is doing a great job in chinuch as well. We all have a lot to work on, let’s be careful to just be Dan Lelaf Zechus and be positive with people.
    There are many things that people do that are not like our Hashkafos, you don’t have to adapt to everyone else.
    I think with all good thinking, we have the power to bring Moshiach today!!!!!!

  3. you see it clearly comes from kinah, they are depressed, have no life, and it make their blood boil to see other people happy!!! like many meforshim say on למא נקרא הר סיני? משום שיבו שינא לישראל because they are jealous that we have the toras chaim, and are left lifeless

  4. Sadly, these comments are found below every article about Jews or Israel on yahoo or google, etc. When an article appears about a Jew who was killed in a car accident or died in a fire, lo aleinu, the goyim take the opportunity to comment on how Jews control the media and the economy and express their agreement with Hitler yimach shemo. This story is no different. I don’t read the comments on any of those stories because they are too upsetting.

    The lesson is not to avoid public places or not to visit tziyunim just because of what the goyim might think or comment; but rather not to forget we’re in galus, work harder on our Ahavas Yisroel, and make sure we behave very properly in public and always make a Kiddush Hashem wherever we are.

  5. The most painful thing I saw that made me shudder was the celebration of 911 maybe it should have been abolished this year due to 911 one of the most tragic day in American History!!! I know it sounds extreme but WE as jews in America must show a tremendous sensitivity to such a day whether we went through the horrors or not and we should train our children as well.

  6. First they came for the …, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a ..
    Then they came for the …, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a …
    Then they came for the … and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a ….
    Then they came for me

  7. A boomerang from abandoning our role as descendants of Avraham Avinu?
    Avraham Ha’ivri.What does Ivri mean?
    now preferring to follow the role of Noach and Shem ?
    A “tzaddik in peltz”

    On a geopolitical level it’s horribly naïve obviously as well
    ,even if seemingly religiously ideal

  8. When we do the right thing there is nothing to fear.
    When we go against all the Tzadikkim who warned us about the dangers of this cult we are ashamed of by this Anti-Torah idea to spend Yom HaDin by a gravesite along with Rave concert will be make a Tikun for your soul we are ashamed regardless of what the goyim think.
    I fail to see a difference between this and the Chochevei Torah. There is no Elu V’Elu with this . There is no such thing as Chasidus without a living Rebbe.

  9. The difference is that Chovevei Torah has every single Gadol against them. True, there are some Gedolim who are against Breslov, but most are not. Most that I have seen are indifferent when it comes to going to Uman.

  10. “What The World Thinks Of 30,000 Jews In Uman” It’s the same thoughts they have about Jews anywhere and everywhere in the world. Even in Brooklyn, Monsey, Lakewood, etc. And even in Yerushalayim. Eisav sonei le’Ya’akov will probably continue until the arrival of Moshiach Tzidkeinu. Should we be supplying the umos ha’olam with more “ammunition” is a reasonable question that should be addressed.

  11. I”ve never met an “Uman protester” that was there for RH before…… Hmmmm. YOU GUYS GOT TO START CALMING DOWN!! I think they need to start looking into what is really behind Rabeinus torahs and how we can all be connected to teshuva and living wiht hashem. Then hopefully we can all realize what the ultimate way to serve hashem is and moshiach will finally bring us all home to EY, amen.

  12. It says :הלכה ידוע ש’עשיו שונא את יעקב
    So whats the big chiddish here?
    They are being mekayem that halacha.
    This isnt worse then whay went on during world ward 1 & 2. So why are you so shocked.
    Now on the flip side, to say that many charedi yiddin dont have the same wishes on goyim and on jews not on thier own level is a flat out lie. Just pointing out the hypocrisy.

  13. Jews think today is different, today goyim are our friends. WRONG! They are voicing their REAL THOUGHTS about us on forums and social media.

    It’s puzzling how stupid many frum Jews are in trying to mimic the goyishe lifestyle and trying to “blend in” when they hate us so and when their lives are so empty they try to fill their black hole with hatred of us.

    Let’s face the fact: at least 70% of non-Jews hate us and a large percentage of them would want to do to us what their ancestors did. We think we have influence in the US but look how many anti-Semites we’re recently elected to office. Only Hashem is our hope and we need to turn to Him.

  14. Takes2-2tango, I suggest you see a pshychiatrist ASAP if you say Jews want their goyishe neighbors gassed, bombed, etc. I, as a Chareidi Jew have never wished these things should happen to anyone unless they want it happened to me or other Jews, then I wish the same on them. But how dare you say that we want these things on our neighbors or Jews not on “our level”. You are seriously sick. Despite the anti-Semitic lies, which is what you have perpertrated just now against your fellow Jews ( if you are Jewish), when have Jews expressed such thoughts against innocent people? When have Jews killed innocent people? What gives you the right to lie about us? Maybe YOU have such a bizzare and sadistic wishes, but I don’t, nor have I EVER heard any religious Jew say they want people killed unless they are talking about Nazis, ISIS or terrorists.

  15. @Z @Newyorker,

    It is Ironic how much your comments seem to align with those on YouTube, why don’t you just put them there?

    I suggest you get some education on this matter or maybe check it out yourself, before writing such garbage.

  16. There will be a day when everyone will turn to HaShem and beg on their knees for fogiveness. That day is coming soon my friends. What The Yidden have done for so many years the rest of the world will need to catch up.

  17. I believe that all these comments are true, why if so many people go to such a Holy place, why is there only clips of some people who act like a bunch of lunatics.

  18. Commonsense:. Underneath a video there are choices to complain. Might have to click in a few icons. Usually though this is a complaint about the video. For the individual comments; next to or underneath the comment there are choices to block or complain etc.

  19. “Whoever comes to my grave, recites the Ten Chapters of Psalms, and gives something to charity, I will extend myself the length and breadth of Creation for him; by his peyot(sidelocks), I will pull him out of Gehinnom!”
    The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that we need to chase away darkness with light.

  20. I am against Jews going to Uman or any other European country to pray. Bring the Tzaddikim here and don’t give a cent to the antisemites who take our money and hate us.

  21. While it appears that this is the veiw of many people, in fact this may very well be the work of 1 deranged individual. These days people could have hundreds of accounts and they spend the whole day (whole life) trolling the internet.

  22. If you think that this type of hatred is only from the Ukranians think again.

    I heard the same things and worse from the Italians and Irish in New York City.

  23. Seichel,

    That is true, you can see it on other sites. Where there are always the same accounts with the same comments, posting on anything related to Jews and Israel all day long..

  24. The goyim are doing us a service by hating us.we stay seperate that way.

    ywn should be ashamed of is why they present uman in a way that feeds the hatred from yidden.they were offered video of 500+ kinderlach saying tikun haklali and singing and refused to post without even seeing it.editor definitely has a agenda.