WATCH: Putin Amazed To Hear Russian Chief Rabbi Lazar Has 14 Children; Wishes Him a Shana Tova


Russian President Vladimir Putin wished a happy Jewish New Year to Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar at a meetring on Sunday, Erev Yom Yov.

Putin asked Rabbi Lazar: How many children do you have?

Lazar: Thank G-d 14, and 7 grandchildren.

Putin: WOW, 14 we should all emulate you! All the best to your wife and family and a happy New Year.


  1. May G-d protect this good and righteous Rabbi and his family all his children and all righteous from evil eyes and jealousy of wicked nations.
    In old days, usually it was custom in some areas of the world to answer the nations when asked how many children a Jew has, it was a dozen kids to be spared from evil eyes of them, not tell them the exact numbers of the children.
    Wish all Jewish children a blessed new year 5779