WATCH: Video Released of Dramatic Shootout Between Los Angeles Cop & Suspect


The Los Angeles Police Department has released video from a shooting last month that killed a gunman and left an officer with a gunshot wound to her leg.

The edited footage posted online Monday is from officer-worn body cameras and a police car dashcam.

It shows an officer approaching a car during a traffic stop on July 27 in North Hills.

The officer recognizes the driver — 32-year-old Richard Mendoza — and asks if he’s still on probation. As Mendoza gets out of the car, he pulls a gun and shoots the officer, who collapses.

Another officer opens fire, killing Mendoza.

The wounded officer can he heard crying out as her partner radios for help.

The LAPD is reviewing the shooting.



  1. This is rishus on so many levels…
    He puts his hands up to mislead the officers into a false sense of security, then in a second tries to murder the female officer who was treating him respectfully.
    Let every person who is critical of law enforcement see this, and understand why police can not always give every person the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Its a total neiss she wasnt killed
    Look closely at her camera and notice that her partner was looking away back at the police unit when he pulled his gun.
    I wish her well, but she must learn some more cautious tactics from this incident.