Hikind Blasts Misinformation Circulating About Brutal Boro Park Beatdown


A paragraph in the NY Post has NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind all worked up, and issuing a statement slamming the misinformation being sporead.

The NY Post article headlined “Brutal attack in middle of Brooklyn street caught on video” has the following paragraph:

“A lawyer for Afzal, though, claimed that Schwartz had punched the vehicle’s window as he was crossing the street and that Afzal feared for his life.”

Hikind released the following statement to YWN:

Yesterday’s attack on 62-year-old Lipa Schwartz has left our community reeling. Everyone here from children to the elderly are aware that a quiet citizen, minding his own business on the way to synagogue, was viciously attacked and brutally beaten. As surveillance video clearly shows, the attacker did not stop raining murderous blows on Mr. Schwartz until another older man distracted him—and then the attacker chased the second man, apparently with the same intention.

Mr. Schwartz has been characterized in some reports as having had a prior incident with his attacker; an encounter that led to “road rage” as some described it. But this is patently untrue. Mr. Schwartz never saw his attacker before. He did not encounter him that morning prior to being attacked. Mr. Schwartz simply got up, washed, dressed, and headed for synagogue. He was a block from his home when a car screeched to a halt and someone charged at him, knocked him down and began to viciously beat him.

Attempts to mis-characterize this story in an effort to lighten the intent of the attacker are dishonest. Anyone insinuating that Mr. Schwartz did anything to provoke this attack—other than being obviously dressed as a Hassidic Jew—is misinformed or purposely attempting to distort what occurred here on our streets.

[LATEST UPDATE: ‘Allah’ Shouting Man Intended To Beat a DIFFERENT Hasidic Jew; Charged With Hate Crime For Brutal Boro Park Assault]



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  1. The Post, which for years we’ve trusted as the most reliable source of information, has chosen the Hamas terrorists as its darlings. This development is something new. Something happened. Over the past few months, to the surprise of we the readers, generally conservative, the paper has been trending anti-Israel and anti-Trump.
    Fake news like the rest of them.

  2. Anyone reading the article would understand that the sentence “A lawyer for Afzal, though, claimed that Schwartz had punched the vehicle’s window as he was crossing the street and that Afzal feared for his life.”, is the accused man’s lawyers claim. Not at all for a lawyer to offer such a defense.
    Does Hikind think the Post should have omitted the lawyers claim?
    I disagree with the representation of the sensationalist tabloid was ever considered a “reliable source of information” for anything other than sports scores.

  3. Evidently a case of mistaken identity, but it shows how kol Yisrael areivim zeh l’zeh. One guy in frum dress bangs on a car driven by a foreign-looking driver, and the driver beats up another guy dressed frum, because he can’t tell them apart.

    Yes, the driver should go to jail for aggravated assault, but why did the first frum guy bang on his car? Before you do something that past nisht, remember that someone completely innocent may be the one that suffers the consequences.

  4. We, the Community, should demand all Car Services that service our neighborhoods to do cultural sensitivity trainings and background checks for their drivers. WE should not be using Church Ave car service until he complies and proves to the Community that the other drivers are safe.
    Do not send your kids , or enter any Car Service yourself, unless you know the driver. Background Checks should be mandatory !!

  5. As with Kavanaugh, the Leftists have trouble with Truth in Justice. Even if the Drivers story were true, which it’s not, it isn’t a defense! : If you honk a pedestrian and he knocks on the window (Don’t you love how they say “punch” the window? That would hurt the pedestrian not the Driver! They use “Punch” for the window to mislead) as he goes by and walks far down the block, you can simply drive away, since you have incurred no damage and the person far away from you is no threat. But if you then get out of your car and chase the pedestrian and beat him ruthlessly and he doesn’t even try to punch you at all, and you punch him even as he is on the ground and trying to get away from you that is Assault.

    But this Arab’s Story is a complete Lie! His car wasn’t damaged, and was far from the man, and if he feared for his life he would drive away, not run toward the man he “fears”.

    Leftist LIES. #LeftLIES

  6. Typical FAKE NEWS!!!
    This is what Trump is talking about.
    Even though there’s clear video footage, they (FAKE NEWS) will still mold the story to fit what their Anti Semetic readers what to see.
    What ever happened to the Muslim ban?????????

  7. Someone turned a corner and almost ran me over, and did not even stop at all, while I had the right of way. I banged on his car as he passed me, as he almost killed me. HE started screaming every possible curse word, after HE almost killed ME.
    That’s why I banged on his car, it is understandable that someone else did the same.