Mazel Tov! Sen. Chuck Schumer Becomes a Zaidy For The First Time


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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer now shares something in common with President Donald Trump: They can both be called “Zaidy”!

The New York Democrat tweeted an announcement Wednesday that his daughter Jessica and husband Michael Shapiro had welcomed a baby boy, Noah Melvin Schumer-Shapiro, “a very happy Brooklyn baby.”

The middle name, Melvin, Schumer wrote, is in honor of Schumer’s great-grandfather, a New York City cabdriver.

The 7-pound, 21-inch baby boy was born in NYU Langone Hospital on Shabbos, according to a statement from Schumer’s office.

“Mom and baby continue to do well”, Schumer tweeted Thursday.


  1. It’s very inconsiderate of the Democratic Senator to call this young child a baby boy. It would only be fair and unbiased to call the baby “baby X”, so as to allow the baby to choose his/her own gender. {Sarcasm}

  2. Some seem to have learned nothing from Pittsburgh. The famous maaseh when the Satmar Rav ztvk’l met with R’ Mike Tress and afterward chassidim complained that he didn’t have a beard. The Rebbe said, yes in yenna velt they will ask him Yid, Yid where is your beard? And to you they will ask, beard, beard where is your Yid?
    If not for Boaz, moavi v’lo moavis, there wouldn’t be Moshiach c’v. Who knows what this yingele could grow up to be? Ever heard of Rabbi Akiva?

  3. To MoisheinGalus and TGIShabbos:

    Mazel tov for your third-grade infantile commentary. I guess you couldn’t help yourselves but that’s what we’ve grown to expect.

  4. Gadolhadorah, i hopped that Schumer will finally value human life after becoming a grandfather and change his mind on supporting genocide of unborn.