PHOTO: Hasidic Girl & Family Visit FDNY To Thank Firefighters For Helping Free Her Trapped Finger

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The following is via the FDNY Facebook page:

On Wednesday, December 19, FDNY members from Engine 282 and Ladder 148 were dispatched to Maimonides Hospital Pediatric ER in Brooklyn for a report of a child’s hand stuck in metal.

Upon arrival, Lieutenant Kasey Koslowski, Engine 282, and Lieutenant Richard Cannon, Ladder 148, found a 6-year-old female with her finger stuck inside a stainless steel piece of box beam from a dining table.

FDNY members brought in an air whiz wheel and roto tool ring cutter, along with many spare bottles of air to the hospital bed of the injured child. Cuts with the air whiz wheel around the entire circumference of a large section of the stainless steel piece were made. This was done in order to take away much of the access steel, but more importantly, to allow the Firefighters to get a closer look at the condition of the child’s finger inside. Once the steel was cut down to a more manageable size, sight and entry to the child’s finger was established. The air whiz wheel was again used to make relief cuts directly above and along the length of the steel in line with the direction of the child’s finger. With the relief cuts properly made to the steel, the last sliver of metal just above the child’s finger was cut with the electric roto tool. The hydra ram was placed delicately into the large relief cut and hand pumping of the hydraulics spread the steel to a point that the child’s finger could simply be pulled out on her own.

Due to the precise and steady hand of Firefighter Joseph Conti, the child walked away without any further injuries to her finger. The young girl and her family visited the firehouse to express their gratitude to the members and thank them for responding.

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