Brooklyn Boro President Honors Volunteer Patrols – Including Shomrim And New Muslim Patrol [PHOTOS]


Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and and Kings County District Attorney Eric Gonzalez brought several community patrols and groups together recently to thank them for helping the police department to protect residents.

One of those patrols is the Muslim Community Patrol, which began just two months ago in the Sunset Park Neighborhood, and it’s been integral to keeping the community safe.

Some of the groups have been around for several years, operating as neighborhood watches and crisis responders.

The Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams says thanking these community patrols and groups is very important, but he says what they really need now is more money to help with their efforts in keeping the borough safe.

Adams says there should be additional funding for these groups as the city sets its budget for the coming year.


  1. not a good idea, just like the shomrim enforce their way of thinking on everyone else, jew and gentile alike, so might these Muslims shomrim do too, can lead to alot of problems, hashem yishmereini