WATCH THIS: Trump [2004] On a Concrete Wall: “Go Through It, Over It, Get to the Other Side!”


In an unearthed video from 2004, Donald Trump urges graduates to never let a wall get in their way during a commencement speech at Wagner College in Staten Island, N.Y.


  1. “If there is a concrete wall in front of you ….get to the other side of that wall!” Now I understand why the President wants a steel barrier.

  2. Oh, that’s just stupid. Trump was not talking about breaking through borders illegally. The context was so obvious, but i guess you have to have an I.Q. slightly higher than a schumer voter to realize that.
    You have to be so gullible to take a spliced piece of a statement any amateur videographer can do, and sit there with your tongue wagging, saying, Yeah, yeah see! They caught him!
    “People will do anything” – that line clearly applies to that fake news reporter and his ilk and not to the intended targets of his self-righteous gake rant. He was referring only to himself.
    No Gotcha there.
    No THERE there.

  3. This is so idiotic. Is the left really using this against him to justify illegals sneaking in?
    He’s clearly using it as a motivational metaphor to convey the message of ‘never give up’. The way to succeed is to preserve and never let anything stop you from achieving your goal.
    How stupid does the media think we are?