HATE IN BERLIN: Arab Attacks Jew Wearing Yarmulke At Berlin Train Station


A 19-year-old Jewish man in Berlin was attacked by an Arab man because his yarmulke was visible to the attacker, the local Der Tagesspiegel reports.

According to the report, the religious teen was attacked on motzei Shabbos at about 8:00PM Berlin time, at the S Bahn train station in the Niclose neighborhood of Berlin. Suddenly, without warning or provocation, an Arab-appearing man attacked the victim.

The Arab muttered to him remarks about the kippa, in Hebrew. His statements are not detailed. In addition, he threw a stone at the Jew in order to injure him but he missed the target.

The Berlin police were summoned to the scene, but the attacker managed to escape. According to the police, an investigation into the anti-Semitic remarks and attempted physical assault was launched and they searched for the assailant, who fled in a southern direction.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)