GOOSE BAY 2.0! United Passengers From Newark Stranded 14+ Hours at Frigid Airport in Canada


Hundreds of United Airlines passengers were stranded for over 14 hours at an airport in Canada.

United Flight 179 departed Newark Liberty International Airport at 3:05PM on Saturday and was scheduled to land in Hong Kong on Sunday night.

The flight diverted to Goose Bay Airport in Newfoundland, Canada after a passenger had two seizures.

Extreme cold weather, 20 degrees below zero, supposedly caused a mechanical issue on the plane, leaving passengers stranded onboard for more than 14 hours.

Passengers complained that the onboard food supplies were running out. They were finally let off the plane temporarily the next morning.

A rescue plane was sent to pick them up and return them to New Jersey on Sunday.

YWN reminds readers of an incident last year involving an El Al flight from Newark which was diverted to Goose Bay and also spent 14+ hours on the frozen tarmac.

Passenger Cherie Martorona Neve posted a lengthy screed about her experience on Facebook after being stuck on the plane for 15 hours

Dutt (pictured) chronicled his experience of being stuck on the United flight on Twitter


  1. Outrageous. And where were the Chabad Shalichim to Newfoundland with big bowls of hot cholent for these freezing passengers? Seriously though, I’m not sure any airline could have a “contingency plan” to pre-position mechanics and Canadian immigration officials at an air force base that handles only a few domestic Canadian commercial flights. In hindsight, they might have sent replacement equipment or specialized mechanics up there more quickly but probably would not have changed the outcome by more than an hour or two.

  2. Today’s record sets new record for all time low This is factually a false statement. United airlines already reached their all time low, when this Dr was dragged off their aeroplane almost 2 years ago, just to suit United Airlines staffing convenience.

  3. @the adjudicator

    There is not much relevance bringing up
    EL AL in this article save that YWN seems biased when it comes to EL AL
    And now we are on the point it seems you have biased reporting when it comes to R Berland and Lev Tahor
    The above comments have no reflection as to my veiws on the three subjects
    But it’s expected from YWN to report in an unbiased manor