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TODAY: Bobov-45 Readies For Ceremony Celebrating Rededication Of Massive 150,000 Square Ft. School Building [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

This upcoming Sunday, Feb 17th, will be an emotional one for benefactors and supporters of Bobov-45 as the Kehilla celebrates the culmination of an extensive project that saw the community purchase and renovate the future home of its girls school and the thousands of students who receive an exceptional education in this Beis Chinuch.

The 150,000 SF building located on 15th avenue in Borough Park is the largest of its kind for any institution in the neighborhood and will be able to meet the school’s growing need for space. With nearly 4,000 students enrolled in the Bobov-45 school system, the community was faced with an increasing need for space. To that end, a $7-million building was purchased on behalf of the Talmud Torah and another $4-million home was acquired for the Yeshiva boys.

The administration was still in desperate need for a large space to accommodate the nearly 2,000 students enrolled in the girls school and this sprawling building was purchased to finally alleviate the overcrowding in the school. The acquisition was made possible by a generous donation from the famed philanthropist and supporter of Torah education, Rabbi Benzion Dunner Z”L.

Throughout the ensuing years, the project was managed by the leadership of Bobov-45 mosdos with the generous backing and support of the esteemed brothers, Rabbi Shlomo and Rabbi Benzion Freshwater from London, descendants of the Bobov dynasty.

The $14-million price-tag for the extensive renovation project was paid for through generous contributions by members of the Bobov-45 community, with the leading benefactor being Rabbi Leibish Scharf Z”L, a longtime Chassid and supporter of Bobov.

After years of work and through the tireless efforts of askanim and school leadership, this tremendous endeavor was recently completed to the delight of parents, students and staff. The magnificent building now stands proudly as a symbol of the continuance of Chasidic education and the vitality of the Bobov-45 Mosdos Hatorah.

The rededication ceremony will be an exclusive event that will pay tribute to the generous supporters who made this project possible. Additionally, supporters, parents and community members will have an opportunity to tour the massive building and see the fruits of their labor and the setting where their kids will continue receiving a proud Jewish education in a warm and accommodating environment.



-37,000 SF footprint

-150,000 SF of total space

-2,000 students

-120 classrooms and education areas

-4 large auditoriums

-3 entrances and lobbies

-1,000 feet of hallways on each level

-56 offices

-1,583 windows

-542 doors

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  1. The acquisition was made possible by a generous donation from the famed philanthropist and supporter of Torah education, Rabbi Benzion Dunner Z”L. So why isn’t this inauguration ceremony not being held in conjunction with his upcoming 11th Johrzeit on Adar haSheini 16th {or next day, that day being Shabbos Tzav this year}

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