FROM THE GRAVE: NY Man Warns Others To Quit Smoking In His Obituary


An upstate New York man who recently died of lung cancer has a simple message in his obituary: “If you’re a smoker – quit now.”

The Times Union of Albany reports 66-year-old Geoff Turner wanted to warn others not to make his mistake in a self-written obituary published Saturday.

The suburban Albany resident died Feb. 13, about three months after he was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer.

Turner’s daughter Sarah Huiest says he smoked most of his life. She says her father knew it was a bad habit, but he couldn’t give it up.

Turner said in the obituary that he was “an idiot who made the same stupid decision, day after day.”

The obituary says to remember “life is good — don’t let it go up in smoke.”



  1. If only people would listen. Walk or drive around Brooklyn, Lakewood or any other frum neighborhood and see how people are killing themselves. It’s disgusting. People are so against smart phones for ruining marriages , you can’t have a marriage if your husband is DEAD… PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID. These same people who are against the internet should first go against smoking. Second hand smoke ALSO kills, if not quicker. I hate walking in or out of a store and some rasha is outside trying to kill me. Isn’t killing one of the aseres hadribros? Would the same guy turn on a light on Shabbos? What’s the difference? You are killing… Period…

  2. Yes smoking is harmful to ones health. But what about the epidemic of overweight/obesity that is taking place in our society which our community is not immune to? Nobody seems to be addressing this issue. The number on e cause of death is heart disease which is usually a result of ones unhealthy lifestyle. It;s time people addressed this in addition to smoking. I don’t think our schools really teach much about it so parents should make an effort to educate their children.

  3. Common sense person: I agree with you about how bad smoking is, but it’s not as bad as unfiltered internet. Smoking may kill a person, but he will still have olom haboh for the mitzvos he did until smoking killed him, the internet however will ensure he has no olom hazeh and no olom haboh either….

  4. Common sense person, obviously not so much of it. you actually believe getting a whiff of someone smoking is worse than breathing in car exhaust all day? the facts are 2nd hand smoke is only harmful if someone sits all day for many many years, in a smoke filled room, smoke outside is by no means more harmful than car exhaust because its so diluted with the fresh air we breath. So let me ask you again car exhaust is actual poison if one is to sit in a room full of car exhaust for 20 min they will die sit in a room full of cigarette smoke for a week and nothing happens. so why dont you freak out about people driving cars? the reason is its not about the smoke or health you have a character flaw, because of your low self esteem by putting others down and call them a rasha it makes you feel that somehow your not a rasha. you already know no body is killing you so why dont you make some introspection about you own character flaws before calling other people a rasha

  5. Reb Dons- smoking kills others too. Also, isn’t smoking committing Suicide ? So technically he shouldn’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery. Internet is also bad, but smoking KILLS… internet can be used for good. You’re using it now…. I also give plenty of Tzedakah over the internet, I listen to shiurim, and plenty of other Mitzvos on the internet. ( I help a yeshiva)

  6. Common sense now you’ve gone completely mad. Smoking is suicide?? So how do you explain the millions and millions of smokers who live into their ripe old ages of 80 and 90’s. Not true you say?? Of course it’s true. Get your facts straight. The media feeds you what they want you to know. All the numbers. No one gonna tell you about the millions (vast majority actually) of smokers that live long healthy lives. Now is smoking recommended? Is it a good idea? Is it smart? Of course not! It’s also not suicide. Not even close.

  7. @Common Sense Person-
    Even if a person commits suicide it is not necesarily true that they aren’t buried in a Jewish cemetery. Depending on various factors they still could be buried there.