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INJURED NYPD OFFICERS: One Struck By Vehicle Carrying Aron of Skulener Rebbe, Another Struck By Falling Drone

Two NYPD Officers were unfortunately injured during the massive Levaya for the Skulener Rebbe ZATZAL in Boro Park on Tuesday afternoon.

The Aron was carried for one block, and then placed into the back of a ‘Sprinter’ van. Tens of thousands of people were following behind the vehicle, as they paid their final respects to the Rebbe.

While doing crowd control, one officer was reportedly knocked over on 14th Avenue and 58th Street. The officer’s leg was then run over by a vehicle, possibly the carrying the Aron.

That officer was taken to Lutheran Medical Center with a possible broken ankle, according to police.

An NYPD detective also suffered minor injuries from an errant drone.

“There was a drone that came out of the sky and hit a police officer,” NYPD commissioner James P. O’Neill said in an afternoon press conference. said. “The drone apparently ran out of gas… and it landed on the officer’s head.”

The drone’s pilot was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, sources said.

The incidents prompted a massive response by the NYPD, Hatzolah, FDNY and EMS.

READ MORE – Live Updates From The Levaya of The Skulener Rebbe [UPDATED 4:08PM ET]

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Oy… Does Hashem want this from us?
    The opportunity to turn this into a tremendous kiddush hashem has turned this into a spectacle of yiddin not following directions from authority.
    Oy ma hoya lanu.

  2. lets not get carried away . a drone falling is not a chilul hashem , an innocent accident by a media person . the cop getting injured is a more serious obviously but it was a mistake in the setup . there were 600 officers when you a fraction , avenues blocked till 61 when you couldve left 57 and on open
    the mistake was ” not keeping the box on 54 clear which had the officers lined up along that route like by rav moshe zatzl which had 4 times the crowd

  3. Calm down. Everyone realizes it was a normal mistake.

    NBC quotes the police commissioner as saying no one was charged about the drone. It was legally flown.

  4. Self hating ignorant learning disabled uneducated Jews please stop your nonsense!
    Start researching any big goyisha events and you will see how many arrests/injured/killed there were, vs here that a driver made a mistake when and didn’t notice that the police slipped.

  5. Most people were trying their best to follow instructions, there simply wasnt enough manpower and space to accommodate so many people. I witnessed a few officers seeming unsure of what to do and in what direction to guide people. The crowds came out to pay their respect. What happened was scary and unfortunate but totally unintentional.

  6. Why do mourners think they have to be at a Levyeh from A-Z?
    Didn’t we learn from Rav Wosners zt”l levyeh when 2 yingeleit lost their lives due to a stampede in Beis Hamedrash?
    Why does all those men think they have to be so close to the Uren? I heard they making Hakufes in shul and turned around and made my way out of the crowd. Police officers can not control a crowd so large but we can control our selves and get out of harms way. The pushing and shoving behavior is so dangerous and it is the reponsibility of the organizers to announce before the Hespydem that only close members of the shul should follow and everyone else should stay a distance. How many injuries and tragedies do we need before we learn how to handle such crowds?
    may the zechis from the Rebbe ZT”L watch on all of us.

  7. Why did they allow the aron to be carried into that massive crowd to the hearse that was parked a block away rather than having the vehicle parked directly outside the beis medrash? They have experienced similar problems at prior events like this and don’t seem to have learned much about crowd control .

  8. From where i was standing at 14/55 everyone was very well behaved and respectful.every rav or rebbe that arrived waited for a shomrim/shmira member to escort them thru the no entry zone.ppl said thank you and good day and on the whole were well behaved.and along with many many ppl i left b4 they brought the aron out..

  9. The way i see it that the organizers dont have an EXIT plan. They planned the closure of the streets, towing,barricades,helicopters,officers but NO exit plan. They have to have a system that NO nifter is carried out before the crowd clears up and make announcements which direction mourners should walk away of course one for men and one for women.ONLY and ONLY when NYPD and Organizers clear the way for the Nifter to be carried out thats when you can avoid 99% of injuries. You MUST plan and coordinate with the NYPD crowd control for during the funeral and after.

  10. 147, you should never know any tzaar.
    When a person loses a parent or a grandparent they don’t go to work.
    To many people this was no different.

  11. I don’t like this fake Hock. I saw the guy with the drone. He wasn’t trying to hurt anybody. He was flying it at an altitude of 200 feet. It simply ran out of battery!
    Why were the police pushing on the barriers-Let it move a little bit! It didn’t have to collapse! Why did they push a white car through the crowd? Many people thought it contained the Aron, and they mobbed it. You got to do it right!

  12. I suggest the next time such an event occurs, that all those under 25 be 3 blocks away- a funeral is for mature ppl that dont push- it was the youngsters (unintentionally ) caused the shuffle

    the police should close off the area to all those under the age of 25

    the police did a great job, but when all the ppl see the aron/coffin, its impossible to control them

  13. Mounted units might have been helpful in Brooklyn as they were in Monsey. But the NYPD has mostly done away with those. They are very helpful in crowd control in many ways.

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