As YWN readers are aware, there was a court hearing yesterday on the yeshiva’s and other private school’s request for an injunction of the new State Education Department guidelines.

While the judge did not issue a ruling from the bench, yesterday’s hearing made it absolutely clear why an injunction is necessary, and why we can not allow the State to control our mosdos hatorah.

At the hearing, the lawyer for the State Education Department revealed just how warped their view of the relationship between parent, child and the state is.

The State argued to the court that they must protect the “voiceless child” who is being “conscripted” by his parent to follow in their path.

That’s right – conscripted, a word that even dictionaries associate with forced military service, is how the State views the relationship between parent and child.

You don’t need to take our word for it. YWN offers you exclusive audio clips of the State defending the new guidelines “Because education for the voiceless child who can be conscripted at their parents will to what they want is so important to the states interest, because education is the foundation for a society”.


That wasn’t all. The State also argued to the Court that the State is not interested only in the basics of education – English, math, history and science. Instead, they argued to the court that yeshivas must be required to provide arts and theatre courses as well.


In fact,, the State’s lawyer specifically referenced yeshivas and yeshiva parents who do not want to provide arts and theater classes, and those parents “do not have the right to unfettered private education” and so when “PEARLS submits affidavits that say I don’t want my son or daughter taking art, I don’t want them taking this, well, I understand but . . . you don’t have that choice” The State repeated its insistence that yeshivas offer theater later in the argument.


This is all very dangerous. It goes far beyond basic education. It demonstrates that the State Education Department wants to control our yeshivas and our children. We cannot let that happen.


  1. The leftist liberals running the SED won?t stop until they achieve their agenda and goal to introduce the new 4 Rs. R-Evolution against Hashem. Rights -women, gays, animals, Religion, and culture especially- black and gay history. Reproduction – abortion etc. And of course, their top priority to make these goals age appropriate. That even pre-school children will be learning this garbage. Hashem should protect us.

  2. CONSCRIPTING????????
    WALK BY ANY PUBLIC SCHOOL IN bp WILLAMSBURGH how many police officers have to stand guard and protect the teachers and principals ? the goyim will teach us education when they have a 63% failing grades in their system.
    Any normal GOY with a decent job moves away from the city and they plave their children in School districts which we pay from our school taxes and they are very happy that we have our own schools and they dont have to pay for it.
    Lets see NYC and NYS should take in all our children in their school system how fast will they beg us to leave.

  3. They’re right. The Lubavitcher Rebbe, whose birthday is today, the 11th of Sivan, establised tzivos Hashem, the army of Hashem, for Jewish children. Jewish children are “conscripted” into Hashem’s army to train them in Torah and mitzvos and to help them fight their yetzer hara. Parents are guiding their children. The Rebbe wrote a number of wise letters and said talks about training children when they are young. Today is Education Day USA to honor the Rebbe’s dedication to the role of education of children, Jewish and others too.

  4. Look what happened to all these ”voiceless children” from the last 60-70 years…
    And look at what happens to the children who are ‘not voiceless’ from all the public school’s with the police outside.

  5. See the deeper message: Theater represents all media – the entire industry bent on destroying all future generations from youth. [See Ben Shapiro’s Book “Bullies”]. They KNOW that without media, they cannot get a hold on our dear Neshamos!
    As an aside, almost every girls school out there puts a play on every year. Many boys schools and camps have Chanukah plays / Cantata, so we have “theater” already, just not their corrupt version of it.

  6. Ah, so its Arts and Theater that will really prefect us, otherwise the PS produces the most perfected society that our culture can provide..a society that votes in the most ignoramus reps in Congress in history..

  7. What a surprise… What else did you expect from New York “liberal” secularists!
    Just keep voting for these “very tolerant” democrats and one day you might wake up in communist paradise like Cuba!
    They know better what’s good for your children!!!
    FYI – Overloaded and very aggressive immunization schedule comes from the same “liberal” mind set, just most Frum people swallowed it hook line and sinker. It was made by very “educated” people that firmly (100%) believe that our ancestors jumped of a branch few hundred thousand years ago. So every generation is one step more advanced then previous, and everything that has to do with religion is just a remanence of the past, like measles, and that needs to be discarded/eradicated ASAP for the advancement and ultimate survival of the mankind.

  8. והיא שעמדה לאבותינו

    History repeats itself –

    It was the Maskilim and the Apostates that once sought out to destroy the education in Yeshivos, hence the closure of Yeshivas Volozhin

    שלא אחד בלבד עמד עלינו לכלותינו

    The Netziv and other Gadolim at the time, sensed the gov true intentions, when they demanded a simple “education” , at a time when most peasants couldn’t even count!

    The end result – other Yeshivos replaced Volozhin and here we are. Meanwhile, nothing is left from the Tsar and the Romanovs.

    אלא שבכל דוד ודור עומדים עלינו לכלותינו

    The apostates of our times i.e. Yaffed & Moser (and other disgruntled losers) seek again to destroy our core chinuch.

    They do NOT have our best interest in mind, nor does the Edu Dept., at a time when NY PS has one of the worst education, they seek to educate Yeshivos.

    Give me a break!

    והקבה מצילינו מידם

    At the end we will outlast you all.
    Your ‘Arts and Theater’ in a couple of years will be of no value, it will be buried in dust, yet the very scripture that has been read for 3000 years will still be around.

  9. We should thank the balonie rebbe who promoted and endorsed the toaiva, menuval, and mishchas Andrew Cuomo and gave him the green light in exchange for ……..

  10. The voiceless children who are bought up as boys and girls when they are really girls and boys because of their parents whims. The voiceless children are being killed in the womb. The voiceless children are taken advantage to become propagandists by depraved governments officials and school faculty because their parents don’t give a hoot about their kids well being.

  11. It is time to rise up against all those Askonim that make deals with the leftist Democrats and replace them with Yirai Shomayim Askonim. Rise up and mount a loud movement with social media specialists and the Frum NY public. Let the politicians know they will have a very strong organized block against their re-election. They are really interested in their positions more than following any particular policy.
    Disassociate from Askonim that take money and favors for their PR from the left.
    Look what the leftist and progressive politicians are trying to do to our children. They want to BRAINWASH our young children with their treif garbage values the same way that the Greeks and Romans tried to do many centuries back. It is time to rise up, organize and speak with a strong voice against their efforts.
    Warn the leftists and progressives that we would be ready to take our families, businesses and wealth and move to a more tolerant state. This would leave a big hole in the economy of NY. Look at Amazon and the effect of loosing 25,000 jobs in NYC. Think of the lost taxes and GDP to NYC. I believe we could start making nice size holes in the NYC economy if we would move to Lakewood area.

  12. When you get a lemon, make lemonade. Make the art courses calligraphy to properly write STAM and to illustrate sacred documents. (There was a beautiful exhibition of illuminated holy manuscripts at the Center for Jewish History a number of years ago.) And have the theatre be the acting out of events in Tanakh and Midrash/Aggadata. This will stimulate interest in some children who are falling behind today.

    The same holds for other “secular” courses. For example, there is actually a lot of math in Chazal. Rabbi Nachum Rabinovitch wrote a PhD dissertation on probability and statistical inference in biblical and rabbinic literature.! Science, too — Rabbi Yitzchak Herzog wrote a PhD dissertation on techelit!

  13. The global teachers union movement wages war from the continent of Africa* to urban minorities. No one is safe.

    *you may think I’m being sarcastic, but they are fighting charter schools even over there and trying to shut them down.(from the WSJ)

  14. The children are not voiceless. Most of them are quite good at expressing themselves, and if asked, they would probably have an opinion on their own education.