Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Travel to Wyoming For Pesach


Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are in Wyoming for Pesach.

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports the couple arrived at Cheyenne Regional Airport in President Donald Trump’s personal Boeing 757 Thursday before heading to Saratoga, a resort town about 150 miles away (population: 1,686).

The 153-foot jet emblazoned with the Trump name attracted dozens of onlookers, many of whom took photos and video.

“Trump Force One” also brought the couple to Cheyenne on their way to Saratoga last Pesach and stayed for the whole week. City leaders were allowed to take a tour of the private jet – a symbol of Trump’s 2016 campaign now used by members of his extended family. That raised questions about whether having a plane parked at a small airport amounted to an advertisement for the president.

This time, the plan is for the plane to leave and return next week to take the couple home.



  1. Ethics questions about advertising?! Are you kidding me? These Democrats are just drooling for something, anything, to pin on the President. Everything they say and do lately is totally despicable. What do they want him to do, fly with a tarp over the plane?!

  2. Curiosity: Not drooling about the Trumpkopf…..Just wondering why 5 “frum’ yidden need an airplane that normally seats 200-280 passengers to get from Washington D.C. to Wyoming for the sedorim….even moshe rabbenu flew economy during yetzias mitzraim.

  3. They are Bnei melochim it’s beautiful that they go for Yom Tov looking at how she is dressed reminds of the Gemara geirim kekoitzim the 2nd pshat

  4. Sifsei, how do you know they didn’t bring family and friends on the plane and maybe even a Torah too? Surprised you didn’t ask what they are eating? Maybe g’brokts? or heaven forbid kitniyos??

  5. Seriously? Delete my comment but not the photo? Ask a few people, see if they see what i see in the photo (that being, a translucent skirt).