HATE IN BORO PARK: Teens Yell “I Love Hitler!” at Hasidic Family on Shabbos


A Hasidic man walking with his four sons (aged 7 to 14) from Shul on Shabbos morning was harassed by a couple of high school students who yelled “I love Hitler!” at them twice.

According to the victim, Mr. Rosenberg (not actual name to protect victim’s identity) “As I was walking through the campus grounds of the Franklin D. Roosevelt High School (58 Street & 20th Avenue) two Asian students began yelling at me and my kids ‘I love Hitler! I love Hitler!’ My kids were terrified and I was in shock, so I asked them to repeat themselves to make sure I heard correctly, but the students put hoodies on and began walking away. I went immediately to report the incident to the school’s administration, and was told to file a police report at the 66th precinct, which I did later that evening at the end of Shabbos.”

In a statement about the incident, Dov Hikind tells YWN: “Because the harassment was verbal all that can be done by the police is to document the case. If this doesn’t outrage the sensibilities of good and decent New Yorkers and Americans then it may be time to accept this as the new normal. But are we ready to accept that? Are we ready to accept that Jews being harassed for being Jewish is commonplace in 2019 NYC? So far, city leadership is failing to deal with the outburst of antisemitic hate crimes, but it’s not too late. Yet.”

Last week YWN reported on FOUR hate incidents in NYC:

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. He could’ve yelled back at them something similarly offensive, for example if they were Chinese he could’ve said hail Hirohito who was the Japanese emperor who occupied China during week.

  2. Keeping us updated on all this hate will chas v’shalom bring more hate out of the woodwork.

    People usually keep these thoughts inside, but if they see that others are spewing their hate, then they will feel emboldened to do the same.


  3. U know u put these stupid anti semites who make these Swastikas on a pedestal… stop promoting it.

    bH u have a nice following, but certain things u should know not to post.

    Do you have שכל ?

  4. Police report?! What for? How is this any of the police’s business? They didn’t break any laws. It would be unconstitutional for the police to do ANYTHING about this.

  5. Don’t be an ostrich with its head in the sand. Be aware of what’s going on. You do realize that everyone else in the world knows everything what’s going on, in all the hate sites that you don’t know about because you only look at the kosher ones