ACHDUS: Councilman Chaim Deutsch and Councilman Kalman Yeger Write Joint Letter To Community


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Dear Neighbor,

As you may know, there is a Special Election today, May 14th, for the 45th City Council District to replace Jumaane Williams.  Although every election is important, we cannot overstate the extreme importance of this one and the direct impact it will have on the Flatbush community — probably for the next decade.


After extensive discussions with our community’s leaders, we believe FARAH LOUIS is the most qualified candidate.  She has impressed us with her diligence and work ethic, and is committed to advocating for us.

If Flatbush is united in supporting FARAH LOUIS, we will have an outsized impact.  FARAH LOUIS already has the support of numerous groups elsewhere in the district, and Flatbush will very likely make the difference in this election.

We know Farah. She will join us in being an effective member of the New York City Council.  She has extensive experience, the common sense to know good ideas from bad ones and the character to know right from wrong.  More importantly, she has the courage to stand up and fight to get things done.  We need Farah Louis as our partner in the City Council.

When we fight for our community, we need allies.  Farah Louis will be our ally, but only if you help her win.  We urge you to take a few minutes on Tuesday to vote for Farah Louis for City Council.  Our community needs your vote!


Councilman Chaim Deutsch
Councilman Kalman Yeger

The following is a list of some of the many in our community who are supporting FARAH LOUIS for City Council

Jack Ashkenazi
Mordy Avigdor
Ari Baum
Binyomin Bendet
Chaskel Bennett
Manis Bercovici
Binyamin Berry
Menachem Braunstein
Sholom Brickman
Shloime Dachs
Joe Dweck
Eddie Ebani
Alan Esses
Yitzchok Farkas
Eli Fisher
Dov Fishoff
Shloime Fried
Ephraim Fruchthandler
Yitzy Fuchs
Eli Gabay
Tzvi Gelb
Eli Goldbaum
Leon Goldenberg
Itchy Goldbrenner
Danny Hadar
Zevy Herbstman
Marc Herskowitz
David Heskiel
Yochanan Itzkowitz
Albert Kahn
Izzy Kirzner
Harry Klaristenfeld
Yaakov (Jack) Kaplan
Mutty Katz
Yitzy Katz
Ezra Klein
Dovid Langer
Betzalel Leiser
Shimon Lefkowitz
Joe Mansour
Josh Mehlman
Robert Moscovitz
Joe Neuhoff
Ephraim Nierenberg
Moshe Nussbaum
Moshe Odes
Joe Oved
Gavriel Ralbag
Peter Rebenwurzel
Aaron Rosenfeld
Paul Rosenstock
Avrumi Rubin
Nusi Samuel
Avrumi Schonfeld
Avi Schron
Mattis Soffer
Dudi Spira
Chaim Stanieski
Daniel Stok
Sam Sutton
Asher Taub
Ronald Tawil
Yehoshua Teller
Rafi Treitel
Meir Weil
Eliakim Willner
Matis Witriol
Mendy Worch
Moshe Wulliger
Moshe Zakheim
Dovi Zeitlin
Shimshi Zimmerman
Yaakov Zwick

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)