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Maran Rav Elyashiv Taken To Hospital

tehillim212.jpg(Click on image to ENLARGE) Maran Hagon Rav Eliyashiv Shlita was taken to the hospital late Tuesday night, after complaining of shortness of breath. A source tells YWN that he is in stable condition, but remains hospitalized at Shaarei Tzedek Hospital. His name is Yosef Shalom ben Chaya Musha.

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  1. TWO of our gedolim are curently hospitalized maybe they are undergoing yesurim to save the rest of klal yisrael from some terrible tragedy Rachmana L’itzlan. We owe it to them and ourselves to be mischazek- each in his own way. Smile at the next person you see-that to is a mitzvah which will be a zechus for all of klal yisroel!

  2. Dear Achai Bnai Yisroel.
    Besides for saying Thilim or Learning Tora for R’ Yosef Sholom ben Chaya Musha, it might be a good idea, in my humble opinion, to be Mesaken even a small Mido Lezchus Refuo Shlaimo. (ie. When leaving remarks in a blog, to do it in a way not to infuriate. To talk nicer to other people, including our spouses. Etc.)

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