SICK COMMENTS: De Blasio Says Anti-Semitism Is Strictly A ‘Right-Wing Movement’


He said it a Brooklyn press conference on Tuesday. Mayor Bill de Blasio, in addressing the increase in hate crimes in New York City under his watch, said, “I think the ideological movement that is anti-Semitic is the right-wing movement.”

DeBlasio made the outrageous comments at a Brooklyn press conference on Tuesday.

Anti-semitic incidents in 2019 are up 90 percent more than they were in June of 2018.  A reporter had stated that there is also anti-Semitism “on the left – in the BDS movement around the world.”

But Hizzoner the Mayor disagreed. He continued, “I want to be very, very clear, the violent threat, the threat that is ideological is very much from the right.”

Mayor de Blasio further added that the perpetrators of the anti-Semitic acts trace their history back to Nazism and fascism.

Former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind responded to the mayor’s remarks in an interview with YWN, “This is a theme song among progressive liberals of America, of which de Blasio is just one of. It is like being blind, deaf, and dumb – all at the same time. Where are they living? Are they living on the moon?”

Staten Island’s city councilman, Joe Borelli told the New York Post, “A simple look at where anti-Semitic hate crimes have occurred just disproves this– unless you count central Brooklyn as the home of a vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Borelli further remarked, “Bill de Blasio regularly says stupid things, but this is literally the stupidest –(expletive removed) thing he’s ever said.”

An op-ed by David Marcus in the Federalist went even further.  Marcus writes, “But it’s far worse than simply being stupid; in fact, it’s incredibly dangerous. As the Orthodox Jewish community is terrorized by violent attacks, the mayor simply refuses to even acknowledge the problem exists. He is giving tacit approval to those who attack Jews by foolishly pretending that anti-Semitism is only to be found among conservatives.”

Marcus further asks, “How can Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn trust that their mayor is working to solve this problem when he won’t even admit it is a problem?”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Bill DeBlasio is the Mayor of New York City. Almost every recent hate crime in Brooklyn perpetrated against Orthodox Jews, whether in Crown Heights or Williamsburg, were carried out by AFRICAN-AMERICANS! How, tell me, are these Letitia James voters, Donald Trump supporters?! I would hope our tireless dedicated askanim & community leaders will speak out publicly against our Mayor’s outrageous accusations. At least as much as they did for that silly anti-vax gathering where they all got worked up into a frenzy.

  2. The three largest and most numerous purveyors of antisemitism and violence targeting Jews are:

    1. Black antisemitism

    2. Islamic antisemitism

    3. Left-Wing/Progressive antisemitism

    The loony far right Nazi/supremacists are a very distant fourth. They are a tiny fringe of a fringe. The normative right rejects fully these loonybins.

    Whereas left-wing/progressive, black and Islamic antisemitism is part of their mainstream movements where they are accepted and honored as full fledged members.

  3. One could argue that the Democrats are inceasingly a “right” wing party. They focus primarily on race and ethnicity, rather than individual merit (reminds one of the National Socialists of 80 years ago). They feel a need to make everyone’s decision for you, and according favor a strong central state that can micromanage your. The show extreme disrespect for the importance of human life and a willingness to trash those who stand in their way.

    Yup. Democrats are a fanatical right wing party. Which means the Republicans are back to being radical liberals (just like in 1860).

  4. You are all missing the main point
    This is a yardstick
    Bill deblasphemous feels that the daily stuff from fat slab tlab and ill-at-home omar does not make the threshold for anti Semitism
    Good to know

  5. Anti-Semitism in NYC Is Strictly coming from De Blasio’s friends who happen to look like Obama’s son (if he had one) and from practitioners of religion of “piece” who shout “Alah Akbar”.

  6. Please note that “right” and “left” refer to which side of the French National Assembly one sat on in the late 18th century, which was before Jews were able to vote and hold office. And at the time, neither “Right” nor “Left” favored the inherently totalitarian socialism of the 20th century (whether of the Marxist/Stalin or the Nationalist/Hitler flavors).

  7. akumerma, true, but by the mid-19th century Rousseauvian and Marxist socialists had completely taken over the left and ousted all rivals.

  8. why is everyone getting so worked up this sick guy will never be POTUS, and won’t even be re-elected Mayor. Calm down he’ll be over in no time

  9. And Gutless New Yorkers Keep picking the Scum of the earth to represent them.
    Enjoy until you have the courage to stand up and not to only vote so you can get Section 8.

  10. And when Trump says that the Democratic party is the party of antisemitism for some reason it is not prefaced by SICK COMMENTS in all caps. Trump has politicized antisemitism and gotten away with it (calling out Dems and ignoring it from his supporters) no need for all the faux outrage over DeBlasio.

  11. “National socialism is a form of socialism”

    Only someone completely ignorant of what Naziism is and what Socialism is could write something like that. The fact is that every actual Socialist in the Reichstag in 1933 voted AGAINST giving Hitler dictatorial powers and every non-Socialist voted in favor. Within a few months, every prominent Socialist in Germany was either in exile, in hiding, in a concentration camp, or dead.

  12. De Blasio never heard of Jeremy Corbyn or of BDS.

    But there is indeed a bigger threat from the Right, at least in the US. A Fox News personality is promoting an actual Nazi right now — and Trump granted her an interview today. Trump had previously endorsed that Nazi’s run for Congress a few years back. Trump isn’t a Nazi himself but he enables them.

  13. “Please note that “right” and “left” refer to which side of the French National Assembly one sat on in the late 18th century, which was before Jews were able to vote and hold office. ”

    This is true, but it was the Left that wanted to emancipate Jews in France and the Right that wanted to continue to persecute us.

    There are places and times where the Right has been worse and places and times where the Left has been worse. But in France, it has ALWAYS been the Left that has been better for Jews — and that long predates the French Revolution. For example, Dreyfus was persecuted by the French Right and it was Clemenceau, a true friend of the Jewish people, who defended him, risking his life in the process. Clemenceau would later support the Jewish Home in Palestine. The Left elected two Jewish Prime Ministers in France, Leon Blum and Pierre Mendes-France; the Right ran the Vichy Regime that rounded up Jews. Leftist governments in France in the 1950s sold Israel arms and gave Israel nuclear capability. De Gaulle was of the Right and he tried to destroy Israel in the 1960s; he was opposed by his 1965 Presidential opponent Francois Mitterand who would eventually become President himself. Today Macron, really a centrist, supports Jews and he is opposed by Le Pen, of the notorious National Front.