Former Egyptian President And Leader of “Muslim Brotherhood” Morsi Dies During His Court Trial


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Egypt’s state TV says the country’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi has collapsed during a court session and died.

The state TV says the 67-year-old Morsi was attending a session Monday in his trial on espionage charges when he blacked out and then died. His body was taken to a hospital, it said.

Morsi, who hailed from Egypt’s largest Islamist group, the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, was elected president in 2012 in the country’s first free elections following the ouster the year before of longtime leader Hosni Mubarak. The military ousted Morsi in 2013 after massive protests and crushed the Brotherhood in a major crackdown, arresting Morsi and many others of the group’s leaders.



  1. This is one of the quickest still recent miracles that Hashem did for us that got so overlooked. Morsi got elected in June 2012, and it seemed as Israel would be in mortal danger, as Morsi was great friends with the dangerous radical Muslims known as the Muslim Brotherhood. It did not help that former President Obama was more than thrilled to see Morsi in power, as it was in Egypt that Obama made his famous apology speech to the Arab world. But lo and behold, it was only after one year in power the people of Egypt revolted and got rid of Morsi, and replaced him with el-Sisi that restored the quiet peace that Egypt has had for many years. For many years Egypt has kept Morsi locked up to keep him from causing trouble, and now Hashem has just taken him away, and may all our enemies be removed in the same way.