MAILBAG: Outrage Over Ami Magazine Cover Story


Dear Rabbi Frankfurter (Editor of Ami Magazine),

I am reaching out to you as an avid Ami fan and subscriber. But I am also reaching out to you as a real estate owner in NYC. I too was effected in a large way by the new law, and we are still trying to digest the impact.

However, I am appalled and shocked that a Frum publication would run with such a “shock and awe” cover.

While the impacts of this new law are definitely severe, all Frum Yidden who I know that make their livelihood in this industry are still clamoring for some glimmer of hope that perhaps this will change. There are efforts underway both on the political and legal fronts to save the industry and try to repeal or at least amend this law, and “acheinu bnei yisroel” who are so severely affected here, are hoping and praying that something will happen. These are not futile efforts undertaken by a mere few hopeful people, but rather by the industry’s leaders and organizations such as the RSA. Yet you chose to ignore those efforts and rather proceed with a headline that indicates that all hope is lost!

I cannot being to understand why you would choose to run with such a cover on your magazine. While Mr. Goldbenberg can afford to pick himself up and leave NYC, 99% of yidden don’t have the money or capacity to do the same. This is a tone deaf headline at best!

Allow me to continue….

This cover is a kick in the gut to every yid who had some hope!
This cover is a moral killer for every wife and child who’s husband and father are trying to calm them down!
This bold headline is a kick in the gut to every frum yid who invested his life savings in NYC apartments buildings which historically have been considered a very safe investment!
This cover is a moral killer for every Jewish vendor who lives off the real estate industry!

I am sure you are aware that not only mature adults who can understand nuances read your magazine, but there are many children and young women who’s fathers and husbands put bread on the table through work in this industry. I can tell you first hand that they are very concerned, but yet hopeful. However when the leading jewish publication puts this out on their cover and makes the claim that all hope is lost, how do you expect them to feel?

Did you contemplate the consequences of this bold headline and cover?
Did you think about any of the concerns laid out above?

I hope you understand that my feeling are not coming from a negative place but rather from a yid that is concerned for the feeling of another yid.

I would appreciate a response.

Name withheld upon request.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Everyone should leave NY and not just because of this. Traffic, crime, corrupt govt top to bottom, anti-Orthodox politicians, high taxes, etc. etc. That article is really just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Many reasons why it is time to leave NY.
    NY especially Brooklyn is becoming a place where the lowest elements live.
    NY is going in the direction of Sedom.
    All laws in Sedom that eventually lead to wiping them out is becoming legal there, or so the liberals want. When it becomes the norm and legal, it is inevitable that the end may be similar to Sedom.

  3. Let us consider, the average cost of homes here versus other cities. Average rent versus other states. Average taxes versus other states. When our budgets skyrocket and welfare, social service benefits skyrocket, and future real estate tax revenue will decline, there is definite reason to say it is time to not get caught.

    Additionally covers are supposed to sell magazines, it is called business, I do not see anything wrong with it. Do I feel that we are at the must panic spot perhaps not, but is it valid viewpoint sure.

  4. This cover is 40 years too late. I left NYC in 1975 and haven’t looked back. My mistake was staying in the liberal East coast(West coast is not much better). We all should move to s state that respects our values.

  5. This is the literary version of shock therapy. I cannot speak for Mr. Goldenberg, but my guesses are that his thinking includes a note of complacency we have grown to have about our politicians. There are quite a few things our politicians have done and continue to do that are repulsive, and are harmful to the Jewish population, with some detrimental to all New Yorkers. Part and parcel of this is the “progressive” attitude that dominates the mayor’s office, and is accepted to greater more than lesser degrees by other politicians. This flaunts things before us that are quite opposite of our values, and richly deserve our attention. However, some of these same politicians are eager to shore up our votes by assisting in the funneling of funds to various organizations within the community.

    What I don’t know about real estate could render someone in the field a genius. I trust Mr. Goldenberg on that. But the general idea is that our obsession with concentrating our population in the kinds of numbers we do in the tri-state area has its drawbacks. Paired with that is the traditional resistance to college education and entry into the sciences and other fields that restrict careers to various forms of free enterprise. In that competitive market, things eventually break down. The windfalls eventually end. We watched this happen to several other industries. Remember when furs and diamonds were huge profits?

    There are trends that affect markets that we cannot control. Outside of the luxury market, there is a reported dip in wrist watches. Anyone want to by a GPS? How about an electric typewriter? In this instance, we are talking about political winds. But there are other factors, and we cannot always change things. Do we davka need to live here?

  6. I APPLAUD AMI and Leon Goldenberger for being honest and straightforward!
    They couldn’t be more correct!
    We should leave NY for multiple reasons.

  7. as one you doesn’t allow this rag into my home, I only saw this headline here in this story.

    It hardly surprises me.

    All this mag does is sizzle with controversy and tabloidesque reporting. The more sensational the story, the better. This causes people to respond with comments and letters to the editor, which raises selling rates.

    On a rare week when this rag makes it through the door, at some time during the meal someone will invariably bring up some stupid topic. I’ll end up asking, “did you by any chance read that in the Ami”? To which the response is “yes’. We then go on to another topic to discuss.

    Nothing should surprise the writer of this letter. It’s done on purpose. You really made frankfurters day with this outrage.

  8. The AMI magazine did not create an outrageous act as described by the letter writer. In fact, the editor of AMI does not owe an explanation as to how and why he chose the cover story. Wealthy people and NON WEALTHY people have been running away from this State/City ever since the SALT deduction was slashed. Fiscally prudent people are making a wise choice in leaving NYC.

  9. I have a close relative that lost a few buildings he was supposed to be fixing over. Its just not worth it now for landlords to fix over apartments. When something breaks they’ll get a handyman to patch it up. The politicians can pat themselves on the back, and say those greedy landlords won’ get more money, but In the end the tenants will be losing out as they will be living in dilapidated buildings.

  10. Leave New York and go where to some nice quiet small town were people have been living in peace for who knows how long for you to come in there and create havoc it’s easier to have your behaviors in a big city and get away with it

  11. In the 1960’s and 1970’s when NYC was really bad and dangerous , many Yidden wanted to flee the city, Many Gedolim forbid them from doing so.

  12. All you had to do was see yesterday news right here with one intersection and four armed officers standing on all four corners in a desperate attempt to snag one poor suspect and charge him $115 at least. This is outrageous. Where else in the country do cops lie and wait for someone to do something wrong. Think 9:01 with alternate side. Oh I forgot lets not get into alternate side. Why some neighborhoods desperately need their streets cleaned 3 X a week and some never do and are not any less clean…………. and the story goes on and on.

  13. This is the most ridiculous letter I have ever read. The headline is correct. Hundreds of thousands of Yidden and L’h.. others have lost both their assets and livelihoods and the result is that the tenants will live in squalor. If a landlord has an apartment that rents for $700 and it vacates it isn’t worth to rerent. It’s better to keep it empty and not have to deal with HPD, DOB and the courts. All those who invested in the last few years will lose their buildings to the banks and/or the city. Who brought this upon us? Corrupt socialist democratic politicians looking to buy votes from an ignorant constituency. BTW, today Lakewood, Monsey and suburbs are doing fine and life is safer B’Gashmius and B’Ruchnius and more affordable! Hashem Yerachem!

  14. Hello? That’s what tabloids and sensation journalists do. It’s called sensationalist Fake News. Meant to sell magazines. The real problem is that because someone has the forum of a magazine, people think that they are smarter or more knowledgeable than any other person on the street. That their word is gospel. Bad mistake.

  15. One of my children B”h outgrew their apartment in BP. To go from a two bedroom apartment to a three bedroom your doubling your rent. The rate for two bedrooms is still under $2000, but a three bedroom is between 3 – 3500. Some of these three bedrooms were two big rooms and the landlord divided one room. If you’re lucky you’ll get an extra closet for storage. A sukka maybe. Then comes the stipulations you need co-signers, between 2 months to year security (yes someone asked for a year rent upfront) brokers fee, sometimes even when there are no brokers. Carpet in all the rooms. The list goes on Why should anyone want to stay here. Then if you want to buy there is nothing under a million dollars The sky’s the limit what people ask. My son has a neighbor who put his old house on the market last summer for 1.2 million he didn’t get it so he took it off the market. Now another neighbor put his (similar ) house up for 1.5 so now he’s asking 1.4. it’s crazy.

  16. 1- If you can’t put your name to the comment, you are not a serious contender.
    2- We should have left NY, when we elected Deblasio .
    3- We should have left NY when AOC was elected.
    4- We should have left when we elected Obama “twice”, shame on the Jewish Democrats.

  17. I don’t get it. If the rent roll is covering the mortgage and expenses you may not make a killing by raising rents and refinancing, but why would you be in danger of losing the building? Those who went into a building with negative cash flow and were speculating that they would be able to bring the rents up to market may be a different story.

  18. I wish the headline would have gone more like… Its time we acknowledge that we are in Galus and we need to stop flaunting our “wealth” and stop assuming entitlement. We are setting ourselves up for a big problem

  19. Frankfurter is still a Lev Tahor fan. And you expect him to apologize for this?
    A new ice age will come before Frankfurter admits he was wrong about ANYTHING.

  20. mo613, I buy it & I’m in Israel! LOL

    If I had a clue what the new property laws are, I’d comment on the content, but Resident Mortal & others are right – NY is a cesspit, even the frum neighborhoods show the decline in moral standards & the rise in offensive dress, behavior and attitude. Thanks go to the weak community leaders and politicians who support Di Blasio. We decided to leave the entire country before things got to parallel 1937 Germany, and we don’t regret it..

  21. Don’t have money to leave NYC? How do you have money to stay there? Even if you commute to NYC every day it is cheaper to live in Sullivan County.

  22. Does your shabbos reading material include echad mikra (as in parshas shelach) in addition to Ami magazine? Leave New York and move to Eretz Yisroel and change the government here to one that promotes Yiddishkeit and Torah values. Hashem has given us an opportunity to have back our land and we sit in chutz laaretz and say No Thanks. Please New York and all American Yidden – COME HOME.

  23. Looks like a number of Jews had large amounts of money invested in apartment buildings, and now they will not make as much money as they had thought. Jews and non-Jews have been making good and bad investments for years, such is life. Why is this a Jewish issue?

  24. New York City is the only place in North American among the ten most expensive cities in the world, and “99% of Yidden” cannot afford to move /away from/ there? To where, Paris or Hong Kong? Median per capita income in the United States is $32,000. I make three times that and could not possibly afford to move to or live in NYC. The author of this letter is either writing satire or assuming that all Yidden are part of the investment-income-and-capital-gains class — a classic anti-semitic trope.

  25. There were plenty of bill that passed in Albany that make it impossible to live in NY, this in NOT one of them!
    20 LGBT bills, no crime to ever kill a baby the mother want, yeshivas not being allowed to fire teachers who had an abortion, pot legalization, bag taxes, congestion pricing, allowing criminals to serve on juries etc. are a million times worse than this.
    except our so called askonim are against this, because they are all in the real estate businesses and they only care about themselves

  26. Picture this scene:

    Guy is home bored. What should I do? Hey, look! The Ami™ is at the door! I think I’ll rea…WHOA! Did a magazine have the chitzpa to interview someone who has an opinion? And quote him on the cover nuch dertzi?

    Quick, everyone! A misdirected outrage! Let’s quickly comment on it how the editor and the interviewee are reshaim!I

    It’s a fact that the law is causing is causing problems, and everyone s entitled to their own opinion.

    It didn’t say “psak din”. It’s an opinion.

    Leave them alone.I


  27. Time to take the direct message/wake-up call from Hashem to make aliya towards the coming of Mashiach and end of golus.
    I.e. if we want Mashiach to come then we need to take that FIRST STEP FORWARD to show Hashem directly our desire and yearning for the coming of Mashiach. Hashem even sent messengers to create program called nefesh b’nefesh to help us settle there with homes, education and jobs etc…. So no one can have an answer back to Hashem when we are asked why we didn’t make aliya. ONLY a pure lack of faith and not yearning for the love towards the coming of Mashiach that is holding us back

    May we all wake up ASAP and make aliya directly to Israel

  28. I have been saying for years leave NY It’s a hell whole run by radical leftist liberals.
    They place is a dumb, they only care about pandering to take money from some and give to others for votes and only care about illegals.
    Leave NY

  29. The Meshech Chochma in parashat Bechukotai says that if a Jew thinks that Berlin is his Jerusalem a great storm will uproot him. This also true of New York.

    @Dbrim, the Israeli government does promote Torah values (if not the galut Yiddishkeit). Nowhere is Torah learning so publicly supported as here. No other government has a whole bureau in its justice department dedicated to advising on the halachic aspects of legislation proposed by the government. No other parliament employees a full-time researcher on halacha and legislation (I know him personally – he has Yadin Yadin as well as a doctorate in Law). Of course, it can be even better so I join your call to. the writer to make aliya. If rent control is his big issue he can support Ayelet Shaked, who as Minister of Justice singlehandedly prevented such a law (and is dedicated to increasing the role of Jewish law in the Israeli justice system despite identifying as secular in her personal life).

  30. Unfortunately Rabbi Frankfurter seems to be quite insensitive to the feelings of large groups of people. Just last week he wrote an editorial where he was עובר on the לאו of אונאת דברים specfically geared towards a certain segment within כלל ישראל. And even though he was doing that as he was explaining a פשט in the רמב”ם, there was no need to do so and it was very hurtful to the people involved. For clarity sake I’m not part of that group but was nevertheless very upset.

  31. I knew it was time to leave NY when I got notified last week that unless I inject my kids with a lot of poison for many illnesses that aren’t even contagious, they can’t go to school. And yes, my kids got the MMR but why can’t I have a choice against vaccines for STDs and others? Again, politicians pandering to industry oh and by the way coincidentally Merck is giving $48 million to Albany for development around the same time the law passed.

  32. Leon Goldenberg hit the mark with this article. It is true that people should leave New York City. It is definitely not a wonder why people and picking up and moving to Lakewood (which is an issue on it’s own. It’s almost as bad as Brooklyn). If people want change, people must vote. People don’t have a say if you don’t vote. But the bottom line is this, unfortunately a lot a people vote for dumb progressive liberal nutcrackers. If this is how New York will look like, it is definitely a change in the times and people need to move out of New York.

  33. And to add to your comment sariray. The longer you stay, the more mandates and they are working very hard to make it legal to give vaccine for STDs for younger kids (so you don’t realize its effect) and without parental consent. In New York the children’s values override the parents. That is the hashkafa they want us to believe and incorporate. It’s unfortunate how some FRUM people are justifying it. Does that show how low NY is falling?

  34. Avi K – I stand corrected. There is room for change, however, as indicated by the recent outrage over Smotrich’s comment on moving toward a halachik state, the battles over construction work, open industries on Shabbos, etc.. And that is why we need all Jews shomrei torah u’mitzvos here to help move the government in the right (and the morally correct : ) ) direction. Please move to Eretz Yisroel and let Hashem know that we are waiting and longing for the return of the Shechina and the Binyun Bais Hamikdush. #hauntthepalace

  35. It’s almost 24 hours since YW posted this story. I read the comments; I read the letter again. I have a close relative who is in the construction industry. It took him a few years to build a reputation and now three building owners canceled the work he was supposed to do. I spoke to him Pesach time about this law. He was very concerned, yet he said “Every penny I’m going to make was written down on Rosh Hashana”. On the day the law was passed someone called him to a good paying project he had never done before. I feel bad for this letter writer. Perhaps he has much invested, but I don’t think AMI did anything wrong by reporting a news item even as they hype it up.. Personally, I read AMI every week and I think it’s the best magazine on the market. Hatzlacha Rabba to everyone.

  36. The cover is downright silly.

    Perhaps it is time to leave the New York real estate investment market but the new rent laws certainly don’t give additional reasons for Chaim Yankel to leave NY.

    Of course a guy like Leon Goldenberg who makes fortunes off the New York real estate investment market is going to vehemently oppose these new laws. Doesn’t mean you have to.

    For the record, I have no position on the new laws with the one exception of that making it illegal to blacklist bad tenets is an unfair bad idea.

    OTOH I’ll also note that the predictions that were made in the 1990s when rent control was being scaled back that now NYC will become unaffordable for Chaim Yankel do seem to have been correct.

  37. Let me get this straight. Mr Goldenberg and the Flatbush Askan PAC knowingly endorsed fringe left candidates for years who would increase our taxes and put a burden on the klal. Now, when Cuomo hits him in the wallet, we should leave? Lets see him sell his properties.

  38. Unbelievable, The same people who have constantly supported, honored and voted for the politicians who have constantly been degrading the norms of society now have the chutzpah to complain. As long as they received their funding you couldn’t hear a pin drop from these Askanim. Now unfortunately it is way too late, NYC & NYS is just regressing to Sodom & Gomorrah with the tacit approval of these Askanim and Organizations.

  39. I have read all of the comments up until this post. Only 1-2 people in 51 comments (so far) have mentioned making aliyah! Unbelievable! Why is this not on your radar screens? The very same G-d who gives you parnassa in NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Monsey, Lakewood– the list goes on and on– CAN GIVE YOU PARNASSA IN ISRAEL! You may have to be creative and reinvent yourself to fit certain models here, but people like you are doing it all the time! Been here almost 10 years– truly, you guys don’t know what you’re missing!! Sad that you don’t. Oh, and please don’t come here planning to make Israel “little America”– every anglo oleh’s dream, but it won’t happen. And, then one day, MAGIC! All those annoying things that you thought you’d NEVER get used, don’t bother you at all, and you find yourself madly in love with Israe,l and YES, even with Israelis! May H-shem bless and protect them ad olam!
    I don’t know what H-shem has in store for me, but iy’H, I will never leave this land except to visit those of my children who still live in America– until they are here as well, iy’H.

  40. Whoever is complaining that the new rent laws hurts him is either a liar or sucks at underwriting his deals.

    Any existing owner being hurt by this is just using it as an excuse for bad buys in the last few years. RGB rents have only gone up by fractional amounts the last 5 years, less than 2% a year, so one cannot complain about the caps on rent increases. IAIs are almost impossible to do except on turnover. MCIs get capped now, sure, but if it’s the difference between a 4% annual increase and a 2% is what is blowing up a deal, then the operator didn’t have enough cushion to start with.

    And as for unit turnover and deregulation… do you know how hard this is to do now? From 2012-2017 something like 5,000 units a year were deregulated in NYC. That’s a fair number, I guess, but one cannot make the case that we’re going to see a wave of defaults simply because those 5,000 units no longer get deregulated.

    What we’re going to see is that people who bought in 2015-2018 on the back of cheap debt and the assumption they could buy-out or evict tenants, getting their positions wiped out and blaming the new rent regs for their bad decision making. As far as tenant protection goes, the writing was on the wall a long time ago. It’s not easy, at all, to buy out tenants these days. There were approximately 966,000 rent stabilized apartments in NYC in 2017 (exc. rent controlled units); there were 3,517 that deregulated. That is .36% – even if you assume that many owners couldn’t or wouldn’t want to deregulate, you are still looking at minimal turnover. People made fortunes doing this in Brooklyn in the early 2000’s because with cheap buyouts and shady eviction practices they were getting 10-20% turnover. That just does not happen any more. Anyone who has underwrote to try and achieve that in the last half decade, deserves what they’re getting.

    If Leon Goldenberg is such an operator then he should leave the industry, not NYC. A lot of the LP money in the community is raised on the basis of shoddy and unrealistic assumptions. Perhaps these laws will just put an end to that. And obviously, 99% of the “crocodile” tears are from those who like cheap talk but don’t even own a broom closet in a RGB building (or any building).

    Ps. Most of the deals being done in the last 2 years were development, repositioning’s, or significant value add, due to compressed cap rates on the core MF class. And these projects are not affected here at all.

  41. One can’t be upset at a magazine for reporting sad news that seem to discourage us. People with cancer have to read many discouraging articles while they do continue to make efforts to heal, and we all face negativity in some of battles , we have to learn optimism. If we are afraid about our wives reading something we are not communicating clearly. What if the wife read the wall Street Journal and felt negative about the new laws?

  42. Why is it legitimate to name and shame the owner of the magazine? If you don’t like what the Ami writes, don’t buy it and if you want to debate or criticise it, suffice to name the publication. But why call out the publisher in such a derogative manner? Really, some of ypu commentators above and the letter writer should consider asking Rabbi Frankfurter and his family Mechila fir shaming him in public.
    You may be in vacation spirit now, buy Ellul is just down the road and when you think about Teshuva etc. give a thought to asking them Mechila. They do not deserve public slandering just because they have built up a news publication.
    Think about it now and again in Ellul. It’s a seriously grave Aveira.

  43. Yay Socialist Liberal Democrats!!!
    You New Yorkers are so stupid. You keep voting for these idiots! You deserve what you get !

  44. What disturbs me about the headline is that it ignores all that Klal Yisroel has built in NY and makes an outlandish statement based on dollars and cents. How ludicrous! Hatzalah, Tomche Shabbos, Bikur Cholim, hundreds of Yeshivos and Batei Midrashim – just close them all down because some landlords will earn less money on their investments. I do however agree with those that say it is wrong to bash these rags that grace our newsstands. Simply don’t buy them and read things that are educational and informative instead.

  45. Sorry for stating the obvious.. but we are in golus to collect precious sparks/ change the community we are in toward the good/make a difference….We are in golus of America for a reason. If we forget the reason and think that we are here to stay and enjoy our yuntif blah blah blah.. to run around and shop in stores that promote gluttony, shmooze all over the place, shop till we drop, and care more about our material possessions than our spiritual growth, we will be reminded than nothing is forever, that we are all temporary residents in olam haze, and especially in Flatbush ir hakodesh. I don’t know if this comment will ever be published but imho it is time to speak the truth if we talk. We need to change, voluntarily or .. chas v’shalom not. We need to live like Jews and remember what our Jewish values are.. We were so comfortable in NY, like it was ours, No, we are guests America, in a very real way.

    Oh and all the problems plaguing the people who own real estate.. I will try to cry about it after i cry about all the sick and suffering yidden in klal yisroel…. yidden who don’t know if they will be able to put food on the table… afford tuition for their children, don’t have proper medical care in EY and chu’l! You want me to cry in my cup for landlords, the majority of whom think that they are doing tenants a favor by allowing them the privilege to live in their bedbug infested apartments that anywhere else in America you could find only in the ghetto..?? Honestly?? You want compassion now?? I lived in NY too long to have compassion for greedy mitzrim..and their lavish lifestyles, summer in the “country”. I am sick of them! I send them a big bracha that they should do teshuva for taking advantage of honest people for so long. The time is coming too for all the stores that overcharge other yidden. This is a moment of truth Brooklyn. It has been coming for a while. Surprise, there is HKBH in the world, and you are in golus… not here to live cushy, materialistic lives with your fake shiurim for self aggrandisement. NY is done and filled to the brim with the lowest characters that live in this country…. and sweet real estate “entrepreneurs”, just so you know… nowhere else in America will you be able to operate unchecked! Have a good Shabbos!

  46. I think being a landlord is a very bad business for Jews to get into, since it plays into the anti-semitic stereotype of the greedy slumlord.

    One reason to live in NYC as opposed to many other places in the U.S. is that the government provides services to special needs students in yeshivas.

  47. Most of the comments are not addressing the magazines concerns. I did not read that magazine and I do not read that magazine. Which I assume is about the real estate market in New York and how it’s been seriously hurt.
    The only person that I saw that makes a decent argument about the magazine article was WD 2011. I feel that his points are valid , it’s a business..
    for the past few years people have been operating in shady ways to make money. Some people have brought rental property , in the best-case scenario brought out renters in order to get market rates while others have harassed renters in non ethical ways amount in order to raise the rent by 50 to 100%.
    tough luck
    People made money before you were able to renovateand get market rate .
    If I am not mistaken Leon started working in real estate over 25 years ago , before landlords were able to get market rate.

    Cry baby?

    In regard to the other comments about moving to the Holy Land. You going to base a decision about moving to the Holy Land if you’re making a dollar in America or not?
    That is way beyond my comprehension

  48. This doesn’t offend me nearly as much as other things that have been on Ami’s cover. Let’s see if I can remember:

    * Defending the dangerous Lev Tahor cult.
    * Defending the equally insane (but slightly less dangerous) Burkha Cult.
    * Article about three ganovim who made a massive Chillul Hashem when they cheated the government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars than did a quasi-legal vote trade to get a pardon.

    Those are the ones I know about, surely there are more since I refuse to buy this trash.

  49. I read the article over Shabbos -carefully, I might add- and I don’t see why you are all up in arms about it. This guy is a mega-real estate owner. And he is clearly furious that he will lose a great deal of money.

    He laid out his concerns very clearly & I understand what he’s saying, but what I don’t get is your fury at Rabbi Frankfurter! It was an interview. Why is it his fault if you don’t like what Mr. Goldenburg said? Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything, least of all leave NY. It seems a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money & that’s terrible, but attacking the publisher is just shooting the messenger. Go after Cuomo Di Blasio & all your Democrat friends , but leave Ami alone. There’s no justification for this anger.