Secular Activists Are Working To Block Chareidi Families From Coming To Charish


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Secular activists have organized an urgent meeting, being held on Wednesday night, in opposition to families affiliated with Toldos Aharon coming to the city of Charish. Ladaat News reports that a spokesman for Toldos Aharon confirms there are currently 30 families serious about making the move.

The report explains the story begins with more than 100 units in the ‘Tzavta’ neighborhood of the city, which for the moment have not been able to market to anyone. As a result, some of the Toldos Aharon activists, who even sent people to check it out on their behalf, as well as professionals, began to investigate the area and check the feasibility of relocating.

The chassidus is working to draw interest in the project, but for the time being, efforts to register for the community were unsuccessful.

The secularists who live in Charish fear if the families come, the city may become chareidi as was the case in Ramat Beis Shemesh, and they plan to do everything possible to avoid this from occurring.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And Harish was originally planned as a completely charedi city! It was badly needed for the severe shortage of Chareidi housing(the worst of any sector) but some secular people went to the Supreme Court to make the housing authority open it to all– which the Court ordered and most Charedi groups pulled out.A big mistake since there aren’t any plans for much industry and therefore the chilonim will have to commute to work elsewhere which is why they aren’t buying .Bad results for everyone.