Murderers of Orthodox Jewish MMA Fighter Sentenced

Mugshots of (L-R) Summer Church, Roberto Ortiz and Jace Swinton below photos of Aaron Rajman

Aaron Rajman was a mixed martial arts boxer who was murdered in his West Boca home a little over two years ago. He wore a yarmulke during his bouts and was called “the Matzah Brawler.” Rajman was 2-2 in his professional MMA career, following a very successful amateur career. He was famous for entering the arena wearing Tzitzis and a Yarmulka.

He was murdered in his bedroom. He had attempted to disarm the robbers.

Two people took responsibility Monday for the killing and received 10-year prison sentences. The prosecution continues against a third person alleged as the shooter in the case.

Summer Church, 18, of West Boca, and Jace Swinton, 20, of Margate, each pled guilty to charges of second-degree murder. They agreed to testify against a third person, Roberto Ortiz, who masterminded the affair. They will probably serve about 7 years each.

Church told detectives she was in a car with Ortiz, her boyfriend Swinton and other men she didn’t know, when Ortiz told her to call Rajman to make sure he was home.

“..I thought it was a robbery,” she said during an interrogation. “I didn’t know there was any guns.”

Five days after the shooting, Swinton told a detective, “Like, I may be a lot of things. I may be a drug addict at times. You know, I smoke weed here and there. But, like, a murderer is one thing I’m not.”

This was an example of exceptional police work. Videos and cell phone records were all accessed to make the arrests.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)