Former NBA Star Lamar Odom Visits Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Kever; Second Celebrity In Past Week

Photo by Sholem Srugo/COLLive

Ex NBA playerLamar Odom, became the latest celebrity to visit the Ohel. Odom shared a personal moment of prayer at the “Ohel” of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rav Menachem Schneerson ZATZAL in Queens, N.Y.

Odom donned a Yarmulka in the photo as he stood at the Kever last week.

“Today, I and my 2 children, Destiny and LJ, visited the gravesite of the spiritual leader and founder of the Chabad movement, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson. He is the mentor of my speaking coach, Rosh Lowe, and shared a beautiful message of love and kindness to the world,” Odom tweeted on Thursday.

Model Naomi Campbell also recently visited the Rebbe’s Kever on the 25th Yartzheit.

She wrote: “I would not normally show my prayers at the Lubavitcher Rebbe (Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson)’s resting place, but since I was snapped I decided to put it out myself. In honor of #TheRebbe and his vital teachings 25 years after his passing,” she wrote alongside two photos of herself at his grave.

“An inspirational leader, scholar, and teacher, the Rebbe taught that we are all inherently good and we each have the potential to change the world for the better, one good deed at a time. I have personally learned so much from his wisdom and teachings, and while I never met him,” Campbell shared in the lengthy post.

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(Source: Fox News)


  1. Joseph Who are you referring to When you say THEY are turning The grave into a prop. as far as I know it is open to the public.And who are we to judge people for their reasons of going.

  2. What will they not do to get a little fame? “Kol tzerua v’chol zov” … beings you would be ashamed to be associated with, “tuma um’tame”. How do you bring such people into “kodesh hak’dashim”, and take pictures with them? Supermodels? All kinds of people who are the opposites of zeniusdig and ethical behavior?
    I am ashamed how the ziyun of 2 such great Tzadikim is being cheapened and be mechulal!

  3. Odom (Naomi too) is a big maven on Rebbes, yeah, huh? Does he know aleph beis? A posuk chumash and Rashi?

    The ikar is, what about moshiach? Does he hold the Rebbe is moshiach? Nosi Hador? Did he say yechi?

    Can he say over a sicha from the Rebbe?

  4. The Rebbe allowed any human being to visit him no matter his or her religion or situation in life so that concept carries on even after his death.

  5. I was there last week. Why did I not make the news? Also, I agree with hymish.

    And, by the way, as a young man, the Rebbe was a fantastic basketball player. He was a starter when he played at the Sorbonne varsity.

  6. Why is this newsworthy? Why post only pics of him and not the thousands of others who go there. Is there something special about him that I am missing? By posting this, you make it sound like this is someone we should emulate.

    Moderators Note: YWN posted hundreds upon hundreds of photos from the Yartzheit.

  7. Maybe Odom can become a shliach of the Rebbe.

    Hey, why is there no Chabad of Zimbabwe? A shanda!

    He could open a Chabad House there with free basketball lessons.

    Maybe he can also be the keynote speaker at the next shluchim kinus banquet.

  8. and equally important was for the person in the video to say that (not only is this unaffiliated goy a tzadik going up the ladder, but) that we may have other learned and observant people who might be going down the ladder….part of the new culture where actresses and basketball players are tzadikim but lomdey torah and shomrey torah umitzvot are reshoim,,,,,the new culture in lubavitch nowadays….

  9. Its ugly to see so many negative comments, you guys are so negative that can’t see any positive side to this story, it time to work on your Ayin Tov this story is so nice that brings a kifdush Hashem to the Nations and you can’t see it., i really feel bad for you.

  10. without a shadow of a doubt, the Baal Hayanya, the middler rebbeh and very other rebbeh of lubabivtch up to the previous one is turning over in his grave seeing what lubabich is doing to stay relevant.
    Feh absolutely disgusting, a goy should come to a bais hachiam is bad enough but to make this into media circus is against everything that original rebbehs stood for

  11. Mamash a gevaldige kiddush Lubavitch and hafotzas hamayonos of the Rebbe.

    Odom can be the head shliach of the Rebbe for bnei Neyach.

    He can collaborate with Lubavitch on a line of athletic footwear promoting the Rebbe and moshiach, to compete with Nike.

    Proceeds can go to teaching sheva mitzvos bnei Noach.

  12. Keep quiet everyone who said anything negative about this. He’s a Jew just like me and you. Why the hate??? There was only one reason why the bais Hamikdash was destroyed…. hence today is shiva asar bitamuz….

  13. As apparent in the photos, It’s clearly not “Lubavitch” who brought him to the Ohel. Those who brought him are mekuravim of Chabad (Rush Lowe etc.) and they went and did this on their own.

    The Ohel has an open door policy (like most kivrei tzaddikim) and anyone who comes in and is treated with respect.

    Particularly during the 3 weeks, we need to be less judgmental and try to judge lkaf zechus.

  14. Very nice to see that non Lubavitchers are worried for the kedusha of the Rebbe. That a non jew shouldn’t come to the Ohel.
    I wonder why no one is upset with a guy that goes to the kosel (and takes pictures).

    Please leave it to the Lubavitchers to decide who can and can’t come to visit.

    All is based on the Rebbe that he would meet everyone from all types of backgrounds because every person was created for a purpose and an image of G-d. Therefore everyone can come to the Ohel and daven. Yes you non Lubavitchers too.

  15. @Chossid – Another example of a totally uneducated ignoramus pathetic waste of time. SHAME ON YOU. The bais hamikdash is “bais tefillah lichol hoamim”. Goyim were makriv karbanos you shoita what you are. Have you no shame?

    A yid that didn’t go to a mikvah can’t touch an aron carrying a Niftar! Let alone a menuval garbage pail like this drug addict leaning his filthy hands on the grave of a tzadik?

    You are a disgrace. You make me sick.

  16. This is a true miracle. With the new anti-semites reshoim in Congress, and the way they want to swing America against Yidden, and the way the entire Democratic part is following them, Klal Yisroel is in greater danger then ever before.
    So, Hashem is showing us that he is truly in charge of everyone and making sure that people of all faiths and race should respect and like Yidden. Don’t push them away! Thank you Chabad!

  17. @ holy city, are you totally nuts, read up about this sleaze on wiki, the lowest of low, is Chabad that desperate for publicity???

  18. if anyone wants to come to the kossel he/she is welcome; but which frum organization promotes the dissemination of the coming of acctresses whose past is embroiled with the law and drug addicted basketball players (maybe the goyishe or the non frume press their accomplishments worth of making the mitzva of disseminating it)….but here it becomes the greatest accomplishments going “”up the lader” versus frume yiddin “going down the ladder”…

  19. There’s a story brought down regarding the Baal Shem Tov ZY”A:

    The Baal Shem Tov was extremely medayek about who would draw his wagon. He had a goy, Alexi, whom he would frequently hire, and with whom he had a good rapport. One day, however, Alexi fell ill, and a new wagon driver was hired to take his place. They set out on their usual route, passing the local kloyster on their way out of town. Having passed by it, the Baal Shem Tov called for the wagon to be stopped, and requested a new driver. When asked by his chassidim why the sudden change, the BeSH”T responded, “whenever we’d pass by that place, Alexi was always careful to cross himself, the new driver was not careful. One cannot trust a goy who doesn’t believe in something.”

    I’m certain that the BeSH”T ZY”A would find the good in the visit of this goy to the ohel of a tzadik. Even goyim have a purpose and job given to them by Hashem Yisborach, Hashem does not make a creation for which He has no purpose.

    Nevertheless, mi k’amcha yisroel, to care and worry so deeply about the kedushas makom menucha of a tzadik!

  20. Of course we should learn from the Baal Shem Tov to see the good in everything, and if we find out that these human beings started keeping sheva mitzvot bney noach as a result and became better role models as human beings serving the Almighty G-d since they visited the ohel that would be GREAT and something that is akin the message of the Baaal Shem Tov and the Lubvitcher Rebbe , but celebrating and glorifying an extolling the mere fact that celebrities with shady past visit the Kever Tzadik as the ultimate value is antithetical to the lessons of the Baal Shem Tov (in the story itself, one sees that the wagon driver is not extolled and celebrated just because he was the Bal Shem Tovs driver but for some positive value that has to do with his mission in life towards the service of G-d…) and is a Zilzul in the meanings and application of the lessons of the Lubavitcher Rebbe OBM.

  21. sorry for getting graphic, but this man ODed in a house of ill repute, how much lower can humanity sink? does Chabad have ZERO shame left? the rebbeh was a distant cousin of mine and I wanted to retch when I saw him touch the matzavah, please wash it down with bleach now, ekelhafdik

  22. There is a very serious lack of tznius in some of the visitors to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s resting place evidently.

    To have noshim that are hepech tznius there, that can ch”v be machshil others, like bas Odom in this case, is that in accordance with the way of the Rebbeh? I know that the Rebbeh taught that things are merumaz in the leining of the week, and it is the time of reading about bnos Moav, but do they therefore need to host bnos Moav at the Ohel mamash now as well? Is there no dress code at the Ayhel??? Why don’t they have signs and extra clothes for those who are מחוסר בגדים?

  23. This is sick. It’s time to put an end to the avodah zara and chabad propaganda in our midst. This is how new religions start. This should not be posted on YWN.

  24. Ignorance is at a high level these days.

    Anyone familiar with history will know to tell. This has been going on through out the ages, that non-Jews came to pray to holy graves. It has been known in Israel were Arabs, Bedouins used to pray at Tonaim etc and same in Poland and Russia..

    The only diff is now we have a photo op…
    Nothing to get so excited..Joseph and Co.