Catskills: Yeshiva Bochur Rescued From Ice Caves Mountain After Leg Injury [PHOTOS]


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A Yeshiva Bochur injured while hiking at Ice Caves Mountain needed to be rescued, Wednesday night.

A group of 15 bachurim were on the hike, when one of the sustained a leg injury, and was unable to continue.

8 volunteers from the COMMSAR organization assisted several NYS Park Police and NYS Park Forest Rangers in the rescue at Verkeerderkill Falls (Ice Caves) in Minawaska State Park (formerly Sam’s Point Preserve).

COMMSAR’s medic was on the phone with the party and provided remote first aid instructions to stabilize the patient.

COMMSAR members deployed with law enforcement and took along a split apart stokes litter basket to assemble in the field and ALS medical equipment. After providing medical evaluation and and treatment by COMMSAR’s medic and team of emergency wilderness medical experts, the injured bachur was able to come out with an assisted walk-out rather than a carry out.

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COMMSAR is always standing by as klal yisroel’s legally recognized Search and Rescue team. COMMSAR is currently deploying teams and resources to the Vermont search.

In addition to our emergency response capabilities, COMMSAR is involved in preventative outreach and education as a service to the community. The Parks Department has requested that we get a message out to camps and groups, that most parks require permits and appropriate planning ahead of a group hike and this should be respected for the sake of safety and legal compliance.

COMMSAR would like to thank the following agencies involved: NYS Parks Police – Palisades Region; NYS Parks Forest Rangers – Minawaska; NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Region 3; and Cragsmoor Fire Department.

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  1. Kudos to COMSAR
    Doing so many great things behind the scene.
    They constantly go for special trainings.
    They all deserve our support