MAJOR CRASH IN BORO PARK: NYPD Cruiser Strikes Pedestrians On 13 Ave


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Boro Park: 5 people were injured – two of them pedestrians – after an NYPD vehicle was involved in a crash.

The crash happened at around 9:45PM at the intersection of 13 Avenue and 52 Street.

According to preliminary information available to YWN, an NYPD vehicle reportedly responding to a call collided with a vehicle in the intersection. The police car jumped the curb, and struck two girls on the sidewalk.

The incident triggered a massive response by Boro Park Hatzolah as well as NYPD and the FDNY.

A total of five people were transported to Maimonides Hospital including: 2 pedestrians, 2 police officers, and 1 driver of the second car,

All are Boruch hashem in stable condition.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Was the police really on call .in flatbush one police car had his seirn on went on the sidewalk bike lanes then sped off after he almost hit a few bikers but didn’t

  2. Even if it were really on a call, most times it isn’t necessary for them to cut traffic. (If there was a small bumper to bumper accident, a burglary that isn’t in the midst of occurring, & even most local traffic stops.) There’s no reason for them to be skipping red lights or zooming. It’s not like they are saving lives where every second counts. (In the rare occurrence that they are needed urgently – they should, but why put others at risk to catch a guy 3 seconds sooner?

    I can guarantee this accident will be blamed on the van.