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FAKE NEWS: Trump Will NOT Be Attending The Siyum Hashas

Once again, “Jewish WhatsApp” has struck again.

This time, it’s rumors that President trump is considering attending the Siyum Hashas on January 1st.

The fake news seems to have originated from an unverified, uncredible Twitter account which wrote:

“BREAKING NEWS: Unconfirmed reports that President Trump is seriously considering to attend the Daf Hayoimy Siyum Hashas in MetLife stadium!”.

“More: Some reports knows to say already that R’Shulem Mordche Rubashkin will welcome president Trump with the Bruche Shechulak Michvoidoi.”

This simple Tweet set off a firestorm of rumors which have since grown wings by people who say they have “inside information” claiming that it is true.

YWN has been inundated with these reports in the past hour, and we can confirm to our readers that this is 100% false, with not a shred of truth to them.

The only event President trump has with Orthodox Jews is the story reported by YWN earlier today, that the President Will be meeting with 100 Orthodox Jews in NYC for lunch next week.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

11 Responses

  1. He won’t be attending because Dirshu wouldn’t be able to pay for the security. Mr. Trump has a habit of making expensive visits and rallies, and not remembering to pay the security bills afterwards. Anyway, he wouldn’t be able to sit center stage and dominate the program, so it’s not likely he would show up and risk being upstaged by a bunch of old guys in beards.

  2. Woops, meant to say the Siyum. Dirshu just had a very successful affair, and the ads are still floating around in my mind. Maybe because I don’t live in the New York area any more…..

    Anyway, considering Mr. Trump’s difficulties with involvements with ladies and other reasons, I doubt if he would be welcomed. Tolerated if he showed up, but he isn’t the kind of person we would expect to enjoy learning about restrictions on one’s conduct.

  3. @Midwest2
    Dirshu did not have their Siyum yet. It’s going to be a month after the Agudah’s. It’s a shame Dirshu is not joining with the Agudah in making one Siyum together. It would be a great show of achdus.

  4. NGI – oops again!! I’ve been seeing those ads all over, and maybe it’s just having positive vibes for such a great organization. But in terms of achdus, they do cater to different (although perhaps overlapping) groups. A daf yomi shiur can be at any level the participants want, depending on their previous knowledge, time available, etc. Dirshu requires a specific level of knowledge aimed at passing the exams.

    We are fortunate that we have two such groups encouraging Torah study on different schedules. Let’s support both of them to the best of our ability!

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