JEWS ARE SICK OF THE TWEETS! Federal Government Needs To Step In To Deal With Hate [An Op-ed By YWN]


First we were told that the hate was caused by President Trump.

We knew it was a lie, because not one hate crime in NYC was carried out by a Trump supporter. Yet these are the talking points served to us by the liberal anti Trump establishment led by NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Let’s cut to the point.

Jews are sick and tired of the faux condemnations via tweet. ‎We are exhausted and incensed at the endless cycle of attack, tweet, statement, press conference, followed by twenty four hours of police coverage, rinse and repeat.

The Orthodox community is well within our rights to demand tangible action. Tragically the action we seek is the one thing our elected officials have been incapable or unwilling to provide, protection. A failure by our government at the very highest level.


Last night , before the blood on the floor of Rabbi Rottenberg’s home had dried – a Jewish person working for a prominent NYC elected official called YWN to ask us to publish his tweet which he said was “very strong condemning hatred and YWN should post it right away.‎”

Seriously?‎ Is this what this is about? A race between politicians who can tweet a condemnation first?

[HATE UPDATE: Crown Heights: Woman Charged With Hate Crime; Deblasio Visits 770]

We have had way more than enough.‎ Action not words is the only way forward for us.

YWN has demanded multiple times from Mayor Deblasio: List us the last 100 hate crimes in NYC, and tell us how many suspects were actually arrested. And from the few that were arrested, how many are actually still in jail? The answer remains zero. How can New Yorkers believe a word the Mayor says when the facts scream otherwise. We have no reason to doubt that his intent is likely good and he means well but unfortunately talk is cheap and Jewish blood is now flowing freely on his watch.‎ As uncomfortable as it is to say, The Mayor, as the Chief operating officer of NYC, is responsible for that bloodshed.

As for New York’s Governor, Orthodox Jews are onto him too. Does he think frightened Jews take any comfort in his disingenuous and artificial tweets? Like clockwork after every attack, he tweets that he is “directing the NY State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to investigate because hate has no home in New York” This boilerplate condemnation is now a running joke amongst political insiders. Here’s how it plays out (sounds familiar) attack, tweet, statement, rinse and repeat. Come on. How gullible does the Governor and his staff actually think we are?


As we’ve called here before, President Trump must immediately direct US Attorney General Barr to prosecute anyone arrested for a hate crime with federal hate crime charges. The jail terms are lengthy and word will get out to the streets, commit a hate crime, pay a heavy price.

YWN warns the political powers that if action is not taken soon, it’s only a matter of time before vigilante justice returns to New York like the bad old days. Nobody wants that but desperate times calls for desperate measures.

–YWN Editorial Board

[CHANUKAH ATTACK IN MONSEY: Black Man Arrested In Harlem After Stabbing 5 With Machete At Shul [UPDATED 5:15AM]

[WATCH: NY Gov Cuomo Visits Rabbi Rottenberg’s House – BUT HE JUST SIGNED BAIL REFORM!]

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The problem we have in Rockland is that we can’t vote Republican. The Democrats hypocritically lie and at least pretend to care about Orthodox Jews while the Republicans debate just how openly anti-Semitic they can be.

  2. I don’t think Trump personally hates Jews but he’s definitely responsible for raising the level of race tensions. I don’t know even if he really hates illegal immigrants, as he might be using it merely as political tool but the fact is that there’s a direct correlation with his words and the race tensions.

  3. Keep voting Democrat and you reap what you sow. The Democrat party does NOT even begin to share our values yet too many fin inzireh will keep voting Democrat.

    I’m sick of hearing that the Democrats are the only option because they aren’t. The Leftist situation in NY was never this bad however, I am sure there are many many many people out there thinking the same..


  4. BRAVO! YWN, you say it how it is. My children & grandchildren in Crown Heights, my friends in BP & Williamsburg, are at risk every day. I am so relieved the Guardian angels are there, they worked miracles after the Crown Heights riots.

    How much longer do Jews have to put up with Germany 1937? Vigilantes ARE needed. To pretend otherwise is suicide.

  5. Think about it. We keep voting for politicians who make it HARDER FOR US TO DEFEND OURSELVES. They take away our rights. Basic rights. Do we really want the National Guard at every shul – forever?? Do we want the police at every minyan – forever?

    They have POLICIES that strategically hurt us. They create lawless sanctuary cities, bringing in and supporting ILLEGAL ALIENS. They do not enforce reasonable laws from the Feds. They take away our right to defend ourselves in our communities.


  6. The NY orthodox cewish community for decades voted leftists and liberals into power to ensure local and state funding of their communities. The Democratic majority is a bed that was slowly but surely made and funded by us. Now that the fringe has taken over the controls, we are no longer in charge of the machinery, and demographic trends ensure that we never ever will be again.

    The time to call for action was with the SAFE act. (Guns are the canary in the coal mine) The time has passed. It’s time to move.

  7. This Stevenn character again showing up here to troll us with anti-Trump statements when this has nothing to do with the President, and everything to do with LOCAL Democrat politicians and their lack of effective law enforcement. The #1 job of government is to protect its citizens. Vote the Dems out.

  8. The Mayor, with the help of City Council, have directed the donut eaters to concentrate on milking the Orthodox taxpayers for fines/fee’s/parking tickets/seat belt/didn’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign/pedestrian in crosswalk set-up sting/minor infractions and a continuation of non-stop harassment of its citizens. If they would stop concentrating on Vision Revenue, and start paying attention to OUR safety, then maybe just maybe we stand a chance. It’s not the job of Shomrim/Shmira to “protect” us. It is the job of the NYPD! We pay their damn salary! That is what they’re getting PAID to do! Enough with this bowing down and kissing the tush of these fat overweight donut eaters, like our 2 heimishe council members and assembly man from our districts are doing right now as they tweet.

  9. Perhaps the Trump administration could round up all the liberals whose attacks on religion in general, and on Israel, and whose support of political correctness (under which Jews are defined as privileged oppressors) are the basis for most of the anti-Jewish violence. However rounding up the Democrats and establishing a country in which the “woke” positions land you in a re-education sounds somewhat un-American.

  10. I don’t like that comment about “vigilante justice.” It’s against Torah, and it’s against common sense. Once you start with “volunteer justice” you open the door to anybody doing anything they think is justified. And that means targeting us, too.

  11. There was a shooting in a Texas church. The only reason why the suspect stopped was because he was shot by a church member. Quote from the news. “Update 1:40 p.m. EST Dec. 29: According to KTVT a witness said the gunman walked up to a server during communion and opened fire. According to the witness, another church member shot the suspect.“ we need to protect ourselves. Period. And stop blaming Trump. He isn’t at fault. It’s not about politics. It’s about crazy people.

  12. It’s foolhardy to put hope in federal help for this problem. Furthermore, bemoaning potential “vigilante justice” beclouds the fact that in this country, people have the right to arm themselves for protection. The main reason why Jews are actually attacked is not because we are hated – that’s never a surprise – it’s because we are perceived as weak and an easy target. All we need to do is shoot back and the attacks will stop. There’s a Second Amendment in this country people – Hashem put it in place so that we can defend ourselves, so do just that. Arm yourselves and be prepared to kill first whoever rises up to kill you.

  13. Call me crazy, but this isn’t a copy of 1937 Berlin.
    There won’t be a second Holocaust.
    Not unless the government is actively participating in acts of violence, which they are not.

  14. Anytime the hard truth is said; it rarely gets out. But here goes.
    What’s going to change?
    Come election time, the politicians will promise the Oilam to kill a few investigations that make them look bad, agree not to pursue the Secular education issue, and promise to “Try” to get them some funding. Once again they’ll get endorsed. Even when the politicians don’t come through, as usually happens, they keep promising the same things and keep getting endorsed. This has been going on for decades. It’s never going to change and the politicians know this.

  15. No, Midwest2, vigilante justice is the Torah way, as well as the American way. it’s called communal self-defense, and it’s a mitzvah that overrides shabbos. If the authorities take responsibility for it, very well; but if they don’t then it’s incumbent on us. In previous decades we did it, and we did it effectively. Lately it was not necessary, but if it becomes so again, then we will do it again.

    As for the vicious liars “Reb Eliezer” and “Stevenn”, take your lies somewhere where they will be believed. We all know that Trump has done nothing whatsoever to encourage antisemitism, not one word, not one act, not one gesture, and the overwhelming majority of those who practice it are his bitter opponents, like you. It is YOUR leaders who have encouraged antisemitism, by pointing at Trump and at almost-mythical “white supremacists” instead of where the problem really is.

    The fact is that there are three major sources of antisemitism in the USA: (1) Blacks. (2) Islamists. (3) Leftist political activists, especially those who preach the nonsense concepts of “intersectionality”, “cultural appropriation”, and “pinkwashing”.

  16. “By not doing anything about it, he is encoraging them”

    What could he do? It’s not a federal issue. Even if he is able to grab power over this, he shouldn’t. The responsibility is with state and local governments.

  17. > Reb Eliezer

    > by not doing anything about it, he is encoraging them

    Seems you that by Trump not doing anything Trump is encouraging the perpetrators? Facts might help. When Trump condemned MS13 (that was a Federal matter to a large extent as they crossed borders) the media jumped to attack Trump and defend MS13. Seems self-evident that the State here would do the same should Trump interfere.

  18. To Midwest2

    I’m sorry, I thought we ARE being targeted. Without any provocation (unless you think we provoke attacks by merely existing?)

    It’s time to stop being afraid of our own shadows and start protecting ourselves, because the “authorities” surely aren’t.

  19. Great op-ed!

    With some of the anti-Trump comments here I start questioning my own sanity. Where does Donald Trump (with his Jewish family and being probably the most outspoken Oheiv Yisroel of any presidency) come into this discussion? The blame fully rests on Cuomo’s and deBlasio’s shoulders.

    Their outlandish treatment of prisoners – releasing them without bail, with gift cards, with baseball tickets… sends a message that no criminal action, no matter how evil or violent that it is, will get punished and that it is a free-for-all for crime (especially hate crime) to flourish.

    Nobody in the press has dared to tell the truth that the majority of these attacks have been perpetrated by African Americans, and if you want to blame them for rabid anti-semitism start with Louis Farrakhan.

    I get sick watching those Yiddishe ‘machers’ who want to see themselves on TV rush to stand by these liberal do-nothing politicians who cluck-cluck some condescending words without one iota of action proving that they are doing anything to combat the frightening increase in virulently anti-semitic attacks here in NY.

    Time to get some responsible citizens to legally carry guns – something I never thought that I would suggest.

  20. I’m not trying to say that he hates Jews. I personally think he doesn’t hate anyone or love anyone other then himself. And he’s done great things for the Jews such as canceling the Iran deal. But we shouldn’t fall in love with the man to the point that we don’t see and criticize his flaws. The same thing can be said for a person you hate that it doesn’t mean he can’t do something great that deserves a big thanks. The fact is that even Trump started campaigning it became much more normal to speak hatred and racism. David Duke thanked the president and Trump claimed he didn’t know who he was. Idk. But the fact is it became much more normal so even if he doesn’t personally dislike Jews that doesn’t exonerate him. And the fact that he didn’t pass common sense gun laws is also a huge flaw. Which connects him to numerous Jewish and non Jewish deaths.

  21. Presidents and mayors play a role in creating public dialogue and a general attitude. Local prosecutors are the governmental authorities who have the power – and duty – to prosecute crimes. And local police are the people responsible for figuring out who’s broken the law. So stop whining about Trump, Cuomo and DeBlasio, and start focusing on the district attorneys and police departments who should be addressing the problem.

    And, to be clear, I do not know whether or not the local prosecutors and police are doing their jobs well or not. But they are the ones to look to for relief from these attacks.

  22. How much effort has been put into having the government helping with security? The best security is ensuring that all Jewish children get a Torah education. From the mouth of babes and sucklings comes the strength to silence the enemy. Get the government to give tax credits or vouchers for education. Instead of spending millions on Siyum Hashas, spend the money on Jewish education. That is our best protection.

  23. Someone in Monsey, I agree with everything you said but I don’t agree that they don’t attack out of hate. They hate our guts like they did for centuries. We must fight these people otherwise they’ll attack tenfold. And I totally agree that we can’t rely on the government, certainly not long term. We have to stop being a soft target.

    The problems are that some Jews have this idea that it’s wrong as Jews to protect ourselves and also that some Jews think the government can solve this problem by protecting us. The government cannot guard every shul all over the US, 24 hours a day. The only thing the government can do is give these murders life sentences to try to deter copycatters. We need to learn self-defense and have our own people trained and armed.

  24. Stevenn, your demagoguery is stupid and nauseating. It is your fellow Democrats, not Trump who give the green lite to black racists supremacist like Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and Ilhan Omar to spread vicious antisemitism in this country that lead to these attacks. It is your beloved NYT that legitimizes Nazi-style propaganda against Jews that lead to the bloodshed.
    It looks like Village Idiot Club on this forum got a new member.

  25. It’s silly to hear everyone taking chutz laaraetz so seriously. Actually expecting the US to come to our aid. Of course this can work short term but it’s not the answer. Every yid knows deep down it’s just a matter of time until galus will make us relocate on massive levels once again. So, while I know that this won’t actually happen, I think there should actually be a mass migration to eretz Yisroel! If you think about it for a second it really is feasible! Community leaders from the US would work hand in hand with organizations such as nefesh bnefesh & the actual Israeli government. Whole communities can literally be formed in eretz yisrael by communities from the diaspora (think of Kfar Monsey up in the north and Givaat Miami down south). Yeshivas and bais yaakovs can all continue in Eretz yisrael and the kids will all have their friends from chutz la’aretz.

    Look, I fully understand that this is highly unlikely to occur. But think about it! If there was ever a time when the idea of say a couple million yidden chartering the whole fleet of ElAl planes and returning to Eretz Yisroel seemed even remotely possible, it’s now! Would it be a logistical nightmare? Absolutely. But it’s entirely theoretically possible!!

  26. much whining and hand-wringing because it’s so close to home all of a sudden
    how about some Martin Niemoller
    And all these Recommendations are at best short-term propositions
    not getting to the root

    And would it be fair to bring in the federal government When crime is generally a non-federal issue
    and subvert the system

  27. another CHATZKEL BENNET article, chatzkel is a good guy but blaming the gov. & shnoring more security money is not the answer you became a noisy lobyist

  28. If the people in charge, especially the mayor and governor can’t do anything more meaningful then tweet, then we have only ourselves to count on. Thankfully, the Guardian Angels are returning to provide additional security, just as they did in the days of the Crown Heights Pograms. But what also stopped 1970’s anti Semitism was an organization that still exists and could be dusted off, the JDL. If we are afraid to defend ourselves then we are walking targets. Young men should know that a good knock down punch will send a bully running. If we know one thing about history, which repeats and repeats, it’s that if I am not for me, who is. It’s clear that politicians are not rushing to our rescue. The NYPD must find it totally frustrating to make an arrest and a day later that person is back on the street. Only lawyers are profiting from all this hate. Perhaps we, as frum Jews, have gotten too comfortable in galus. It’s happened before, and is happening again right now in front of our eyes.

  29. The ADL are not simply just not working for us, they are actually part of the problem.They have empowered haters from the “minorities”.Do they not deserve to be awarded The Rev Al Sharpton Prize For Promoting Racial Harmony?

  30. our democrat politicians in Brooklyn who do nothing make me sick, it makes me even more sick watching the heimishe yidden from NY licking them and not demanding anything-YES I MEAN YOU EZRA

  31. 1. Thank you!!! YWN for speaking up for MOST IF NOT ALL of us.
    2. ‘Shmerel48’, Right on but it’s not just EZRA but the geniuses in Agudah too.
    3. ‘BillyW’, I happen to hold that we need vigilantism [for the Frumer= Hishtadlus] but if we can have a politician indeed stop the harassment against our school system, my bet is that would be most helpful for our general safety and wellbeing.
    4. Yankel Rosenbaum’s (HY”D) unfortunate murder ushered in a Rudy as mayor. One might think that with all that’s been going on we might get another Rudy [or he himself!!!] however, I’m afraid that with all the Italians, Irish and Jews that fled the city since then, we stand no chance of ever electing a Mentch as Mayor.