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Is anyone shocked?

NYC Mayor DeBlasio is still blaming hate crimes – including last night Monsey stabbing – on President Trump and “Washington D.C.”

The facts are, that not ONE attack out of the last 150 in NYC was committed by a “Trump supporter”.

This is exactly what YWN was referring to in our op-ed just 30 minutes ago.




[HATE UPDATE: Crown Heights: Woman Charged With Hate Crime; Deblasio Visits 770]

[CHANUKAH ATTACK IN MONSEY: Black Man Arrested In Harlem After Stabbing 5 With Machete At Shul [UPDATED 5:15AM]

[WATCH: NY Gov Cuomo Visits Rabbi Rottenberg’s House – BUT HE JUST SIGNED BAIL REFORM!]

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

15 Responses

  1. Trump and his conservative Judges are not the ones who are soft on crime.
    The stop and frisk was not halted by Republican politicians.
    All you Democrat’s who are trying to get some political gain off antisemitism, have not done anything compared to Trump in the UN, in declaring to combat anti semitism on campuses.
    Trump is not to blame. It is true that he has injected passion into politics. Now all the antisemites are crawling out to the open. He did not create them. He exposes them. We can address antisemitism and crush it.

  2. If the government does not stop this ASAP, then the left could start doing this against the conservative right and start a war in all progressive cities. Look at the killing of R Kahane. If the government would have done it’s job, they would have caught the bombers of the world trade center.
    The government needs to put in all necessary will and capital to stop this now. Else, we could face a fight from the left against conservative America using this idea.

  3. The mayor is as unhinged as much as the Trumpkopf and this toxic combination of extremism and hatred on the far left and right has left no “middle ground” in the current political landscape. Yidden make a convenient target for the haters on both ends of the spectrum but clearly, the recent spate of attacks in the NY metro areas has nothing to do with Trump but De Blasio never misses an opportunity to make a bigger fool of himself than he already is perceived. The fact that FOX seeks him out for comment can tell you that they are looking for the most extreme positions to reinforce their viewers’ sense that Trump is unfairly blamed for all that is wrong in America

  4. To Gadolhadorah,
    You never miss a chance to make a stupid comment.
    To all other readers,
    The Looney Left has a different perspective on everything from climate change to anti-Semitism. Their views on each and every issue (Politics, Abortion, Toeiva marriage, etc.) are skewed and not in line with Torah Judaism. Every once in a while you’ll find someone who is frum but is so confused and demented just like the Lefty Loonies. Those nuts are the most dangerous and we must straighten them out as quickly as possible before they “infect” anyone else with their twisted anti-Torah ideas.
    After davening this morning, someone pointed out to me where we Daven for the complete removal or recovery of these demented Left Wing Lunatics. In Hallel we say “Loy Looney”!

  5. It’s Bush’s fault! Hey there Mr. de Blasio, maybe the fiend should be called out for his actions! Stop the silly blame game – especially you of all people. This fiend of man deserves nothing less than the death penalty and swiftly. Let his ilk see what you get for atrocities and stop blaming the world.

  6. Lets all stop bashing and look at this for a second.
    Yes the president is really good to us, and has done a lot, but we ca all agree that he is a bit crazy.

    He may have not caused the antisemitism, but he did open the door for it.
    I didn’t watch the whole address, just the part posted here, but from what it sounds like to me is that he is saying we need a full attitude change. We need to stop bashing and hating on people who don’t agree with us. Both in politics and in everything else.
    We need to start working together. I happen to be more pro republican, but he is right, it used to be that both sides would do things, when one wouldn’t agree they would negotiate. Now its just “your wrong”. There is no talking.
    That’s not the Presidents fault, its been happening for a long time, but it IS something that has to be fixed.

    If all you see on the news, from the most respected of our country, is hate, blame, and name calling, why does anyone think it wont trickle down to the rest of us?
    WE ALL NEED TO CHANGE OUR ATTITUDE, NOT JUST THE PRESIDENT. He is part of it, but we are all to blame.


  7. Mayor Despicable please do not insult our intelligence. You are an incompetent mayor who is doing a lousy job. Don’t blame Washington which has nothing to do with crime in your city.

  8. I don’t agree with the Deblasio on most issues.
    But you take what he said and compare it to the spin in the headlines, it’s like what NYT does to Trump.

  9. De Blasio lied when he said that this all started during Trump’s presidency. This all started during Obama’s presidency. Black Lives Matter (AKA No One Else’s Lives Matter) gangsters were ambushing and executing police officers on live TV while also torching our cities because they knew that Obama was a closet supporter of theirs and would not lift a finger against them. Earlier this summer, when NYC police were attacked with pails of water by minority hoodlums, the police did not take immediate action because under De Blasio they have orders to stand down and take the abuse. If the police are not allowed to stand up for themselves, then why should we believe that they are being allowed to protect us.
    As long as De Blasio is mayor, crime in NYC will continue to spiral upwards. And it not just about anti-Semitism. Just a few weeks ago a student at Barnard was murdered by young minority hoodlums. In De Blasio’s New York, it is open season on law abiding citizens who are not allowed to arm and protect themselves.

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