NOT TO BE MISSED: Pre-Siyum HaShas Yarchei Kallah Will Change Your 24/7 Business – And Halacha Mindset – Forever


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At the upcoming Yarchei Kallah this week at the Parsippany Hilton, being held as a lead-up to the Global Siyum HaShas of Daf Yomi at MetLife Stadium, you can immerse yourself, over the course of just 36 hours, in the study of practical halacha, while being enriched and guided by renowned rabbonim and halachic experts.

The “Yikra De’oraysa Yarchei Kallah” will focus on the topic of “Business Ownership and Management on Shabbos.” Rabbonim participating will include Rav Asher Weiss and Rav Nissan Kaplan from Eretz Yisroel, Rav Shlomo Miller from Toronto, Dayan Menachem Gelley from London, and Rav Michoel Frank, Rav Dov Kahan, Rav Yosef Kushner, Rav Doniel Neustadt and Rav Chaim Meyer Roth.

The 3-day, 2-night event, to be held from Monday, December 30, through January 1, the day of the Siyum, will feature a gala seudas mitzvah the night before the Siyum, which will be graced by Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky. Participants will also be able to join for just part of the program if they’d like.

Today, no one would think of being mechallel Shabbos deliberately, but when the metzius is unclear and one doesn’t have proper halachic guidance, desecration of Shabbos is an unfortunate and real possibility.

Fascinating shiurim at the yarchei kallah will address prevalent shailos when it comes to Shabbos compliancy.

Gorgeous accommodations, delicious meals, and an invigorating ruach will round out this not-to-be-missed program, being offered at very affordable rates.

“It literally changed their lives,” said one of the presenting rabbonim of a previous such yarchei kallah. “The level of immersion in learning was phenomenal. It’s a most unique atmosphere. It’s easy to get into it. No matter your background, you’ll very likely surprise yourself.”

The excitement and exhilaration generated by limud haTorah and halachic competency will be on full display at the yarchei kallah.

What about someone who is not a business owner? Is this an event for him as well?

“Absolutely,” says Rav Yosef Kushner, one of the presenting rabbonim. “So often, it is not clear who is faced with a shailah. Often, it may be a hired employee, an administrator, or a business affiliate. Everyone needs to be educated on this topic, as the halachos are far-reaching.”

For more information and to join the Yikra De’oraysa Yarchei Kallah, visit or email [email protected]. Space is limited, so be sure to act now.