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Lubavitch Shlichim Meet With Satmar Rebbe From Kiryas Yoel

satmar lubavitch.jpgShmais Exclusive:  Earlier this week chabad Shliachim to Princeton, NJ, Rabbi Dovid Dubov, Rabbi Chaim Schapiro of Morristown, NJ and Rabbi Dubov’s two sons Sholom Ber – age 11 and Motty – age 9 met with the Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum in his Kiryas Yoel home.

The purpose of the 40-minute long was to present Rabbi Teitelbaum with the entire 25-volume of Yalkut Moshiach Ugeula Al Hatorah.

Rabbi Dubov shared with the Satmar Rebbe the scope of the project how the Lubavitcher Rebbe Zt’l wanted everyone should learn about Moshiach Ugeula and the idea of collecting Mefarshim form hundreds of different commentary on the Torah in the subject of Moshiach Ugeula.

The Satmar Rebbe was very touched that commentary from his ancestors in the Satmar dynasty such as; Yismach Moshe, Atzei Chaim, Kedushas Yom Tov, and Yeetav Lev etc are included in the Yalkut Moshiach Ugeula Seforim. In general he was looking at the Seforim for over 10 minutes and expressed great admiration for the scope of the project and wished great Hatzlacha for the completion until the end of the Torah.

Rabbi Teitelbaum spoke very highly of the Shliach, Rabbi Yonosan Denebeim director of Chabad of Palm Springs, California where he goes on vacation and Davens at the Chabad Shul and uses the Mikvah.

He related a story where many years ago there were certain organizations who wanted to stop Lubavitch Yeshivos form getting support from certain programs and he personally called and spoke to the ones in charge that they should not stop, C”V to support Lubavitch and B”H they have not. A few years later, Rabbi Teitelbaum continued, the same people wanted to stop Satmer Yeshivos from getting support and at that time LUBAVITCH intervened and helped Satmar. He spoke with great Kovod how Satmar helped Lubavitch and Lubavitch helped Satmar.

Rabbi Teitelbaum spoke to Rabbi Dubov in great length about his shlichus work in Princeton and the approach of Lubavitch. He asked how many families come to shul on Shabbos, and Rabbi Dubov answered approximately 40 families. He asked if they are all shomer shabbos and Rabbi Dubov answered “many are and many are on the way of becoming shomer shabbos.” He smiled and liked the answer.

He spoke to Rabbi Chaim Schapiro regarding Morristown and Rabbi Zalman Leib Markowitz the principal of the boys Cheder. He then spoke to the Shluchim kids about their learning and their shlichus.

During the course of the visits there were Divrei Torah and Chassidishe stories about the Rebbe that Rabbi Dubov and Rabbi Schapiro shared with the Satmar Rebbe.

On the way out his Gabboim thanked the Shluchim for coming and said that their Rebbe enjoyed the visit very much.

( exclusive story / Photo: EG Studios)

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  1. On the way out his Gabboim thanked the Shluchim for coming and said that their Rebbe enjoyed the visit very much.

    And of course no one knows better than the gabboim!

  2. This is so beautiful, and it isn’t the first story, b’h relations between Satmar and Chabad are becoming very pleasant. Baruch Hashem!Mir all zein Chassidim!

  3. Close the Gemaras! Buy a ticket on El Al! Moshiach is coming for sure!!

    Comment by coachred613 — May 14, 2008 @ 5:29 pm


    Close the Gemorahs?!
    Are you serious?!
    That’s the one way to send Moshiach BACK from coming!

  4. > Close the Gemaras! Buy a ticket on El Al! Moshiach is coming for sure!!

    Ok. Moshiach is coming. But:
    1. [Therefore?] Why close the Gemoras? You think Moshiach doesn’t enjoy a blatt Gemora?

    2. Does Moshiach care which airline you use?

    3. Why buy a ticket and fly manually? Hopefully Moshiach will advise on better means of transportation!

    Just kidding. Thank you for this great post.

  5. This is nachus for Hakadosh Baruch Hu!!!! Not just the visit but the comments too!!!
    Mir zeinen alle ain mishpacha and let’s hope this is the beginning of many more such happenings!!!!

  6. Joseph, there have been huge problems between satmar and lubavitch on all levels INCLUDING leadership levels. Thank G-D that fences are now being mended. We are all Jewish after all.

  7. If Reb Arron Satmar can reach out to Lubavitch I beleive in the very near future he will penetrate the walls in Williamsburgh surounding his brother Reb Zalman Satmar. Just wait and see. He is a Mentsch and a true Manhig.

  8. Moshiach – are you listening?

    Your people are waiting and you are long past due!!

    If Satmar and Lubavitch can show such achus, then kal vchomer (insert any of myriad machlokisim taking place right now)…

    Ad Mosai?! Moshiach Now!

  9. This is very appropriate, the Satmer Rebbe Shlit”a is an aynickle of the Baal Hatanya & the Mitteler Rebbe of Chabad.

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