GETTING WORSE IN NY/NJ: 285 Deaths And 700 Critical In NY; Nearly 4,500 Cases In NJ, 62 Deaths


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The toll grows grimmer by the day: New York accounts for 30,811 positive cases, with 17,856 in New York City. 285 have died in the state, 199 in New York City. More than 2,850 people are hospitalized and 700 are being treated in intensive care.

Currently there are at least: 5,066 cases in Queens 3,187 in Manhattan, 4,656 in Brooklyn 2,789 in the Bronx, and 1,084 in Staten Island.

Hatzolah in NY is overwhelmed with high call volume and have sent a memo to their volunteers with a change in protocol (see below). Hatzolah in Monsey responded to 86 calls on Tuesday, around FIFTY more than usual. Lakewood Hatzolah is the same with dozens of calls for COVID-19 patients. Most patients are not being transported to hospitals unless they have shortness of breath, as the hospitals are simply overwhelmed to handle the number of patients.

Still, the infection rate is accelerating and the state could be two weeks away from a crisis that sees 40,000 people in intensive care. Such a surge would overwhelm hospitals.


It’s anticipated that when the contagion hits at its full “bullet train” force — in two to three weeks — 140,000 hospital beds will be needed, including 40,000 ICU beds. The state has asked hospitals to increase capacity, converted dormitories and hotels, and arranged for the feds to install temporary hospitals, including 2,000 beds in the Javits Center, in an attempt to increase its standing tally of 53,000 beds, of which 3,000 are equipped for intensive-care cases.

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236 members of the NYPD have tested positive for coronavirus and 3,200 members of the force are sick, triple the normal sick rate. At the same time, police statistics show a 25% drop in serious crime. 84 members of FDNY have been diagnosed with coronavirus. In New York City, the 911 call volume has increased dramatically. On Tuesday alone there were 5,700 calls for medical incidents, a 60% increase over the normal 911 call volume. The FDNY is urging New Yorkers to only call 911 in a true emergency.


Meanwhile, New Jersey’s total coronavirus cases rose to at least 4,402 with 62 deaths as officials announced another 736 new cases on Wednesday during an afternoon briefing on the expanding outbreak. Details on the 18 new deaths were not immediately available. Murphy said more cases are expected and the state continues to work to expand hospital capacity. New Jersey has the second highest number of coronavirus cases after New York.

Four new pop-pop field hospitals are on their way to New Jersey from the federal government to help deal with the surging cases. They will be located in Secaucus, Edison, and Atlantic City, with a fourth location to be determined.

YWN is choosing to publish the following internal memo from NY Hatzolah to its members with the hope that the few reckless shuls, their Rabbi’s and Mispallelim in Flatbush, Monsey and North Miami Beach that are still open will grasp the severity of this situation, which apparently some still have not.


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